CEO Shayne McKenzie visiting Europe Nov.

ISPS faviconAdded Oct 26, 2016: Our new CEO Shayne McKenzie (Australia) will be in Europe meeting certified therapists and people interested in our work. He'll be there Nov 3 - 21, 2016. You can arrange meetings with him at McKenzie Email, phone +61 (0) 432 887520 in Australia, or contact a staff person in your country.
  • Thur Nov 3: Arrive in Paris (Charles De Gaulle) at 12:25pm (no accommodation booked yet)
  • Fri Nov 4: Leave Beauvais Tille, France at 9am and arrive Barcelona 10:45am Fri Nov 4 (no accommodation booked yet)
  • Sat Nov 5: Leave Barcelona 7:25am and arrive Gran Crania 9:45am Sat Nov 5 (staying with Agata Szyplinska)
  • Sat Nov 5: Leave Las Palmas 8:20pm and arrive London Gatwick 12:25am Sun Nov 6 (yes, midnight! - no accommodation booked yet)
  • Mon Nov 7: Leave London 2:10pm and arrive Vienna 5:20pm Mon Nov 7 (staying with Georg Parlow, Wilfried Ehrmann)
  • Tue Nov 8: Leaving Vienna 1:30pm and arrive Hamburg 3pm Tue Nov 8 (staying with Ingka Malten)
  • Wed Nov 9: Travel to Berlin (not booked yet) and then leave Berlin central bus station at 12:05pm and arrive Wroclaw bus station 4:30pm (Marzena picking me up and having dinner with Marzena and Agata Mankiewicz)
  • Thu Nov 10: Visit Marzena and Agata’s autism school and then travel to Warsaw (staying with Grazyna Niedzieska)
  • Sun Nov 13: Leave Warsaw 9:10am and arrive Copenhagen 10:45am Sun Nov 13 (staying with Lailah Johannsen)
  • Tue Nov 15: Leave Copenhagen 9:20am and arrive Oslo 10:30am Tue Nov 15 (staying with Lars Vestby)
  • Leave Oslo 7:20am Wed Nov 16 and arrive London Gatwick at 8:40am Wed Nov 16 (no accommodation booked yet)
  • Thur Nov 17 - my son’s buck’s night
  • Sat Nov 19 - my son’s wedding
  • Sun evening (probably): leave London to Paris (not booked yet)
  • Mon Nov 21: Leave Paris 9:25am to fly back to Sydney via Doha, Qatar

Lyme disease and psychoneuroimmunology

ISPS faviconAdded Oct 15, 2016: Added a webpage about our work on a treatment for Lyme disease, including the psychoimmunology principle used for creating immunity.

The subcellular disease cause for autism

ISPS faviconAdded May 25, 2016: Added a webpage describing the subcellular disease that causes autism. Our new treatment should be available for clients this fall (2016).