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"Brain Injury Congress"

April 18, 2019

From the editor... 

Today's highlight is about the international brain injury congress that our Medical Director and Co-Director of Research attended in Toronto this year. The poster that they presented included the results of a case series of 9 traumatic brain injury (TBI) clients, all of whom had improvement in their TBI symptoms.  This paradigm shift in how to treat TBI is starting to get interest from some key organisations.

We continue to test treatments for the following diseases:
1) Type 1 diabetes (see webpage).
2) Lyme disease (see webpage);
3) Alzheimer's (see webpage);
If you or someone you know is willing to become an experimental subject, please let them know about our work, or get in touch with us at

Would you like to learn more about our approach at a public conference? This summer, we are planning a conference that will be open to the public to coincide with our next certified therapists' event.  This early notice is an opportunity to influence what will be covered at the conference. 

For those that are celebrating Easter this weekend, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable time with family and friends!

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From the editor
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Feature Article
Brain Injury Conference

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Feature Article: International brain injury congress

By Mary Pellicer M.D.

The International Brain Injury Association held their 13th world congress in March and ISPS was there representing our work. Dr. Kirsten Lykkegaard, ISPS Co-Director of Research and I were there to present a poster session on the ISPS TBI protocol. Here is a link to the poster, feel free to share the link:

The poster presented a case series of 9 TBI clients who had done the TBI protocol, which is offered through the ISPS clinic. All 9 clients had improvement in all their reported chronic TBI symptoms. Half of the reported TBI symptoms fully resolved. We had a good reception and interest from many of the people we met at the conference.  The next step in researching the protocol will be doing a more formal study with a case-control design and for this we will need collaborators.

The research team has had several insights about the current protocol, which are being tested. Our goal is to make the process even more effective in helping people with chronic TBI symptoms. If you know of anyone struggling with chronic symptoms after suffering a traumatic brain injury, send them our way so we can explain what is possible with the TBI protocol.  Here is a link to our TBI page (which includes some of our TBI therapists):

Likewise, we'd be interested in any referrals if you know of an institution that may be interested in collaborating with us.

I can be contacted at Kirsten's email is

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Peak States conference

By Shayne McKenzie, CEO

We are exploring the possibility of holding a Peak States conference that would be open to the public later in the year (possibly late August).  Here is a bit of background on how this idea has evolved. Earlier this year, we held a meeting of our certified therapists in Wroclaw, Poland.  One of the reasons being that one of our certified therapists has a school for children with autism and we continue to develop a treatment process for autism.  In this meeting, we provided updates about the Institute and did some research testing on some of our processes in development.  This was a follow up to a similar event held in Denmark in June last year.  Both events received very positive feedback from our therapists, indicating they would value continuing these events.  It has also been suggested that we hold a conference open to the public immediately before or after the next therapists' event. This would be for people who are interested in hearing more about our approaches.  We will start planning for this possibility very soon.  Please let us know if you might be interested in attending this event and what you would like to see at such an event by emailing me at

Trauma Therapy and Peak States Trainings - even more global!

By Shayne McKenzie CEO
Training for therapists (and suitable laypeople wanting to become therapists) that wish to learn our highly effective techniques are now being delivered in more countries: USA, Morocco, France, Canada, Germany, and from December, Ghana and probably Egypt, as well as online options for different timezones.  Trainings are delivered in English, Polish and German; and in English with translation in Russian, Spanish and French. If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more about our trainings then please email or call a contact person listed for the training courses on this site:

Research Staff News
New research staff roles at the Institute

For those of you who don't know very much about our Institute research team, we are all unpaid volunteers spending between 4 and 10 hours a week together working on fundamental research issues, or on disease applications. Most of us have day jobs and so, as you might imagine, it is pretty hard to keep this kind of after work activity going week after week, month after month, year after year. But somehow these dedicated people manage to do it.

Lykkegaard photo
Kirsten Lyykegaard, DVM, PhD
    Kirsten is now the Co-Director of Research at the Institute. She is both a veterinarian and a PhD in pharmacology. She also has a 17 year background in cutting-edge medical research, and was principle scientist at Novo Nordsk Pharmaceuticals in Denmark working on diabetes. "I have a passion for breakthroughs and solving fundamental biological problems.  My interests and strengths lie in seeing possibilities beyond what is already present and known." She is also very active in moving our discoveries into the mainstream medical and academic communities via publications and conferences.

All our best to you!
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