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1st International Psycho-immunology & Psychobiology Research Symposium
Hornby Island, BC, Canada
April 4-6, 2020

Symposium Information PDF

Unnoticed by most, a quiet revolution is happening in the emerging field of psycho-immunology. This cross-discipline approach has all the earmarks of a disruptive technology - it promises to be fast, effective, simple, inexpensive, and without costly technology. It works on both chronic and acute illnesses in many people, and is also useful for discovering the causes of diseases of unknown etiology.

The intent of this informal symposium is to move the practice and science behind psycho-immunology and psychobiology forward, by getting researchers who are passionate about this area together to share data, techniques, models, and results; and to form new friendships and collaborations in an intimate and lively venue.

We’ll also be talking about the nature of breakthrough research, and the ways and difficulties in moving this new area of research into academia, mainstream medicine, and widespread use.

We have an information pdf for this symposium here for you and your colleagues. You can also read about our approach to psycho-immunology and psychobiology on this website, but we encourage anyone in this rapidly changing field to share their own viewpoints and experiences, whatever they may be.

Little Tribune Bay, Hornby Island
List or presentations:
  • Grant McFetridge PhD - "Understanding the subcellular psychobiology approach to psycho-immunology"
  • Kirsten Lykkegaard DVM, PhD - "Applying psychobiology to viral and bacterial infections"
  • Kirsten Lykkegaard DVM, PhD - "Exploring pain management using psychobiology"
  • Shayne McKenzie, CEO - "Moving breakthrough discoveries into the mainstream"
  • Mary Pellicer MD - "Using psychobiology to heal traumatic brain injury (TBI)"
  • Nemi Nath,Training Director - “Structural problems and the sense of self”
  • and more to come.

Application examples
To help you know if this conference is of interest to you, here are some psychobiology applications and theoretical models made in the last few years:
  • The fungal origin and treatment for schizophrenic voices
  • The pathogen origin of MPD
  • The psychobiology of Asperger's syndrome
  • The addictive chemical component of Lyme disease
  • The RNA origin of PTSD
  • Three different types of epigenetic damage
  • The subcellular link between the mind and body

Dates and times
Saturday to Monday, April 4,5, 6, 2020. Conference hours are 9am till 5pm, with both cafe and shared cooked meals (hopefully), and lots of time to meet colleagues.

A free conference
There are no fees for attending this conference. However, you will have to pay for your own travel, food and lodging. You are also expected to contribute by giving a paper or talk on the topic you are passionate about.

This conference is ideal for MDs, PhDs and other researchers passionate abut the field of psychobiology. For this first a small and work-oriented conference, if you have a presentation to share with your conference colleagues, you are welcome to attend. Given the venue limitations, we won’t have space for people who simply wish to observe but not present their work. Fortunately for those of us who are too far away to attend, or just have an interest but are not presenters, some of the talks will be available to the public via the internet on Zoom.

Hornby Island home
Venue on Hornby Island
This is a small conference being held at Dr. McFetridge's home on Hornby Island, BC, Canada. Hornby Island is one of the most beautiful of all the Gulf Islands. Click here for information on traveling to Hornby Island. Click here for more about Hornby Island.

We are arranging to rent a neighbor’s beach house a short distance away for people who are attending. "Of course, you can also camp out on my lawn if you are adventurous and don’t mind the possibility of cold rain and wind!"

Contact us to participate

You can phone us in Canada at +1-250-509-0514, or email is by clicking the link below:

Contact us

Hornby Island Cafe
Our local cafe, about a 5 minute walk

...or visit our Forum

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