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"Phase 2 clinical trials"

plus a gathering in Denmark end of July

June 25, 2024

From the editor... 

   Hi! The last time we sent out a newsletter was April 2022 - two years plus! But we haven't been drinking piña colada's at the beach; we've just been busy, busy, busy working our butts off. 

A gathering this summer in Denmark
   We are getting together this summer between July 30-Aug 4 2024 in Løsning, Denmark. Call Leif Pedersen at +45 5117 1838 to sign up. It is free, and you can sleep in a tent or on the floor, but you pay for your own food (and accommodations if you are offsite). This is intended for people who are in or taken our trainings, but if you haven't and would like to hang out a bit to meet folks, contact Leif. As we used to say in our youth, "be there or be square!" Ah, brings back memories for you geriatrics out there, eh? 

New clinic in NSW Australia?
   Some exciting plans for our future - we hope to open a new treatment clinic for major medical diseases near Byron Bay, Australia. As you may know, our long-time colleague Nemi Nath lives about an hour inland from there, but we're all hoping to find a beach or near beach location. Gotta keep our surfing skills up to snuff!

Psycho-immunology treatments are working
   Now for the big reveal - tada! Today's topic is our work in psychoimmunology. What's that, you ask? It is a trauma-healing process that makes you immune to a targeted disease and eliminates all its symptoms, all in a couple of hours. Pretty cool, eh? We've been working on this problem for almost 30 years, and it is nice that we've finally got it solved. Below you can read all about it - and even find out what the heck 'phase 2 clinical trails' are!

Don't have much time for training? 
   Our CEO (and Training Director) talks about our new, short therapy courses for people who only want a few useful tools. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Denmark gathering!

Till next time...

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From the editor
The news at a glance

Denmark get-together
July 30-Aug 4 2024

Why it matters to everyone

Certified therapists
Volunteers needed

Phase 2 clinical trials
Efficacy and safety testing

Short courses
For therapists and non-therapists

Overview: Psycho-immunology - why is it important for you and the rest of humanity?

By Kirsten Lykkegaard DVM, PhD
Director of Research
and Grant McFetridge PhD, Emeritus

As most of you know, medicine is getting more and more ruinously expensive; and at the same time, does a very poor job on chronic diseases. Worse, the first line of medical treatment - antibiotics - are becoming less and less effective, with new pathogens evolving that can't be treated at all. There are some positive developments, particularly the new mRNA vaccines, but in general, the progression leaves a lot to wish for. 

Generally, as with any disruptive technology - think digital watches, iPhones, or even Dr. Barry Marshall's treatment for ulcers - massive change generally happens from a completely unexpected direction. This newsletter is all about a new way to do medicine using psychological trauma techniques that is cheap, immediately effective, and makes one immune to the disease. 

About four years ago, we had a major breakthrough into how psychoimmunology works. Based on our initial discovery we have spent the past few years deepening our understanding and developing simple processes that basically eliminates specific pathogens along with the cluster of symptoms caused by each pathogen. This is a huge step forward for targeting major chronic diseases in the near future. 

In the fall of 2023 we started large scale safety and efficacy testing using our new technology. We're testing on psychological disorders (caused by subcellular pathogens) that we teach about in our therapist training. We test on volunteer certified therapists, and monitor over months to watch for any unexpected problems. As of this writing, we're finishing up testing on three diseases, and have three more psychological disorders in the testing pipeline. Once we're through those, we'll switch to major medical diseases that we'll be treating in our clinics. 

If you are interested in how this all came about, check out our YouTube channel where speakers at our annual symposium gave progress reports on the various areas they're working on. 
More certified or past certified volunteers needed for safety testing

By Kirsten Lykkegaard, DVM, PhD
Director of Research

Help! If you are a certified therapist, or were once certified, and would be willing to participate in our safety testing for new disease treatments, we could sure use your help! You are also welcome to pick and choose which new disease treatment safety testing you would like to participate in. The next group of psychoimmunology treatments to be tested this fall are:
1) a process that eliminates the bacterial infection that causes the phenomenon where a person 'copies' another person's trauma emotion (the process also eliminates all existing copies),
2) a process that eliminates all 'soul loss' in a person (a soul loss is felt as deep sadness and loss or as a feeling of missing something precious), and
3) elimination of a fungal infection that causes a phenomenon we call 'time loops' (time loops cause a healed trauma to 'come back' as if never healed).

If you are coming to the gathering in Denmark July 30-Aug 4 2024, we'll also be doing volunteer safety testing there - but again the safety testing is only for certified (or previously certified) therapists.

I also want to thank all the certified therapists who already volunteered this spring to safety test our new psycho-immunology processes. So far we have done:
1) 'Silent Mind' that eliminates involuntary thoughts (voices) and a certain form of dysfunctional behavior,
2) s-holes which is a process that eliminates an ameboid pathogen and repairs the center axis in the body as well (The ameba creates a sucking sensation along the center axis of the body resulting in a certain form of neediness (manifesting as a constant desperation for love and attention)), and
3) manipulation fungus process that eliminates a type of fungal infection that makes a person vulnerable to be manipulated.

We are currently continuing to safety test these three processes with more volunteers (certified (or previously certified) therapists only). If you are interested and if you have current symptoms of these problems, that's ideal, but any certified (or perviously certified) therapist without symptoms can now participate. 

Phase 2 clinical trials
By Mary Pellicer MD
Medical Director for Applied Research

This fall, we organized a group of six brave volunteers to act as alpha testers for the new treatments the basic research team has been developing. This applied research team meets once a week, and is the first set of 'guinea pigs' for new processes (it's called 'phase 1 clinical trials'). About a quarter of the time we find problems and have to start over. With the wonderful work of John Heinegg, our applied research team always has Gaia music to test with as well.

The dedicated work of this team let us start 'phase 2 clinical trials' on three new disease treatments in January of this year. Phase 2 means we test on a large group of certified (or previously certified) therapist volunteers who are willing to help us test this new generation of techniques. This phase 2 testing allows us to look for any weird problems that might arise we didn't anticipate, and to check for efficacy and treatment speed.

Honestly, this is a huge task to perform with our limited volunteer staff, and here's why: 
•    We have one trained therapist per test client, 
•    We use rule of three for each step and all of our psychoimmunology treatments have at least two steps. 
•    This means roughly 6-8 sessions per person per disease times 16 to 20 or more people. This means we have to run 96 to 160 supervised sessions per disease. (And of course people can't always make their appointments adding to the complexity.) 

As you can see, we started in January, and so far have only gotten through three new disease treatments - it just takes time. However, it is such a pleasure working with the Applied Research team, we could not do this without them! I thank them wholeheartedly for their dedication and hard work!

So, which diseases have we done so far? The diseases were: SMT, s-holes, and manipulation fungus. As described above by Dr. Kirsten Lykkegaard, we chose to start our safety testing with disorders that are: 1) in our therapist training and 2) cause the most havoc in people's lives. The new SMT uses pure psychoimmunology, so it replaces the old slow and tougher to use process. We're going to continue testing these diseases on more certified therapists this summer, because we haven't met our targeted number of test cases yet. If you are certified (or previously certified) and would be willing to volunteer, we'd really, really appreciate more people to test with. 
The next natural question is: "When will all certified therapists get these processes to use with future potential clients?" The answer is 'sometime next year', for a couple of reasons First, we still want to do further testing with our clinic staff. Secondly, we hope further testing will lead to further tweaking to make the processes even faster.
I hope you enjoyed this brief peek into our applied research process. If you would like more details (and you are an ex-student who is signed up for the forum), we've posted the blow-by-blow account of our testing (with all the ups and downs) on each disease. 

For more information about all of these testing procedures be sure to check out the following links. Enjoy!

•    Forum post: https://www.peakstates.com/forum.php#/discussion/1363/announcing-the-convening-of-an-applied-research-working-team
•    Blog post on safety: https://www.peakstates.com/blog_files/bbf6aa760b78cb88e00495a724728f0a-14.html
•    YouTube "safety and efficacy testing" training video: https://www.peakstates.com/safety.html
Training news: Short courses

By Shayne McKenzie
CEO and Training Director

We are now offering shorter courses for people who want simple effective techniques without taking the long in-depth course.

In years past, the Institute was focused only on long-term, comprehensive training for therapists. Why? Because our main focus was research and the primary reason for our certified therapists back then was to test and use our new discoveries.  Some of our certified therapists were also trained to join the research efforts so they needed a complete training to be prepared for these projects. That worked well for that phase of our development efforts. 

We are now focusing on bringing out more serious disease treatments to the world, given that we've cracked the technology for psycho-immunology. As we move into more of an application focus, some of our research breakthroughs can now be shared in smaller trainings. These techniques have wide implications for many health professionals or even coaches (given it includes simple quick ways to eliminate limiting beliefs and release stuck emotions).

You can see what trainings are coming up this year at this webpage: www.subcellularpsychobiology.com/schedule.html 
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