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A plea for patients with COVID-19

Are you sick with COVID-19? Do you have a loved one, or know someone on your social media networks who has COVID-19 symptoms? We need patients to volunteer for an effectiveness trial using our simple, fast, and what we believe is a very effective potential treatment. It is a non-drug, non-vaccine approach that uses a psychological process to (hopefully completely) eliminate COVID-19 symptoms.  If you are interested in participating, please immediately contact our Medical Director Mary Pellicer MD by phoning +1-509-965-4502 or emailing her at Email Mary.

"Using Psycho-immunology for COVID-19"

August 3, 2020

From the editor... 

This newsletter is about COVID-19 and our work in developing a psycho-immunology process for eliminating or reducing COVID-19 symptoms.  
However, we’ve hit a very weird problem – we cannot find more actively sick COVID-19 patients to test our process on! So, we are writing to ask your help in finding either people who are currently sick with COVID-19, or still have symptoms after being sick (the ‘long tail’ patients). 

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From the editor
Trial volunteers?

A COVID-19 trial
Testing our process

How does it work?

Getting it out...
A 'how to' video

A COVID-19 trial

By Grant McFetridge PhD
and Mary Pellicer MD

The Institute is now conducting a Phase 1b trial  on our psycho-immunology process for eliminating COVID-19 symptoms (as well as conferring immunity). This represents months of around-the-clock effort by our research team as we worked to develop a simple, fast way to help victims of this pandemic. To do this, we've pushed into completely new biological models and techniques to solve the problem. (Dr. Lykkegaard goes into detail later in this newsletter.) 
How did all this come about?
We started the psycho-immunology process development for our COVID-19 process in early March when one of our staff physicians contracted the coronavirus from a patient. By May we had developed a simple, easy to use preliminary process to eliminate COVID-19 symptoms. On June 14, we tested it (a ‘Phase 1a trial’) for any safety and side effects on about 20 of our Institute’s certified therapists. That revision 3.0 process took on average about an hour to do, with two short follow-ups afterwards. 

Does this make me immune to the coronavirus?
If the current effectiveness trial (‘Phase 1b’) goes well, we expect that for many people the process would make them immune to the coronavirus even if they have never been exposed. But how would one test for immunity? Obviously, the only really definitive method is to use the process and then inject volunteers with the virus – but what if something goes wrong? So instead, we test the process on sick people, see if their symptoms vanish, and based on how the process is designed to work, assume that it would make one immune. If this works as we expect, it would be a lifesaver to many front-line hospital staff who are exposed daily to this disease.
I might add that all the Institute staff have used this process on themselves and are now doing this process with their loved ones, just in case. After all, it only takes about an hour to do…
How can I keep up with the latest news on the testing, or just learn more about all this? 
We have a webpage for keeping updated on our COVID-19 process:

By Kirsten Lykkegaard, DVM, PhD

What is a psycho-immunology process?
For readers who are not familiar with psycho-immunology, it is basically a psychological process that makes a sick person get rid of a specific pathogen along with symptoms caused by the pathogen. The most striking feature is that symptom relief happens very abruptly when the healing is done correctly. No waiting around wondering and hoping that it will will happen during the treatment session (in-office or via a Zoom call). Also, our model predicts that doing a psycho-immunological process on a person who is not sick will make the person immune to that specific pathogen prophylactically - as if it was a vaccine.
How do you know if it worked?
In practice, not everyone can use a psychological process successfully. So how can you know if you did the process correctly? Well, if you have symptoms, they would vanish during the session, so it would be obvious if you were doing it right or not. But what if you’ve never had the disease, and want to use the process as a way to (hopefully) prevent getting the disease in the future? It turns out that there is a unique and distinct experience in the body if you have done the process properly. For example, in the safety trial for our coronavirus process, over 80% of the 20 healthy people we tested on were able to get the marker that says the process was completed successfully.

For more information
Our discoveries in psycho-immunology are so new we haven't yet got them into textbooks. But you can read about some of it on our website, and watch a video on the topic from our April 2020 online symposium.
Getting our COVID-19 process into the world

By Shayne McKenzie, CEO

If our trial testing shows that our process is effective in treating COVID-19, we will immediately release the process to certified therapists so they can treat clients. 
A YouTube ‘how-to’ video
Assuming all goes well, we plan on putting a ‘how-to’ video online as a public service. Think 'exercise video' to get the idea, where people can self-treat by following along with the video’s steps. Obviously, a video won’t be as effective as working with a therapist, since doubtlessly many people will have difficulties in following the steps. But given the terrible symptoms, death rate, and huge extent of this pandemic, we feel morally driven to push this approach forward. 
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