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September 23, 2013

Videos and talks that are scattered around on different webpages are assembled here for your viewing. The videos can also be seen on our YouTube Institute and Clinic channels.

Videos about peak states
Videos about specific problems or diseases (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Asberger's Syndrome; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Hearing Voices)
Videos about trauma and Whole-Hearted Healing™
Videos about our training
Videos about the Institute
Videos about subcellular psychobiology
Audio talks and conferences

Videos about peak states
For more specifics on this topic, we refer you to the Understanding Peak States webpage.

Peak States, Psycho-immunology, and fast trauma clearing (1hr 21min, 2018) - Research webpages
(For Polish subtitles, click on the wheel in the lower right video corner and select 'Polish'.)

What are Peak States? (3:47, 2011) - Research webpages

The Silent Mind peak state (5:01, 2009) - Research webpages

The Inner Peace peak state (3:23, 2009) - Research webpage

The Inner Peace Process (2:09:07, 2002) - Research webpage
If you use the material on this video, you implicitly and explicitly take full legal responsibility for anything that might happen to you or to others you share this with - the Institute, its staff and licensees are not legally liable for your choice. Some of the negative reactions can include long lasting physical and emotional discomfort, changes in your close interpersonal relationships, and an unstable state. This process is not appropriate for people with a diagnosed psychological condition. This educational video explains the theory and shows the technique for a simple technique to gain the Inner Peace peak state. Click here for more information on this process. This process only works on about 1/3 of the people using it - to work with a licensed Peak States™ therapist on a 'pay for results' basis using a more effective process, go to This video is copyrighted © 2002, and the Inner Peace Process™ is trademarked by the Institute for the Study of Peak States.

Videos about specific problems or diseases
For more on this topic, we suggest you refer to our certified therapist site, as well as our Institute clinics site (which covers a different set of illnesses).

A Traumatic Brain Injury treatment testimonial (1:30, 2019) - Clinic webpages

An Autism treatment testimonial (3:02, 2010) - Research webpages

A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome testimonial (8:21 min, 23:51min, 2014) - Research webpages

A Fungal Disease Origin for 'Hearing Voices' (Schizophrenia) (7:08 minutes, June 2015) - Research webpages

Videos about trauma and Whole-Hearted Healing™
For more on this topic, we refer you to our Whole-Hearted Healing webpage.

Prenatal development, trauma, and emotions (4:23, 2011) - Research webpages

Alternatives to Conventional Psychological Therapy (58min, 1996) - Research webpages

Videos about our training
For more information about our trainings and workshops, we refer you to our School webpage.

Peak States™ therapist training (9:26, 2007) - Training webpages

About the Institute
For more about the Institute, we refer you to our About the Institute (ISPS) webpage.

Welcome to the Institute (2:45, 2013)

Founding the Peak States Institute (2:16, 2011)

Subcellular Psychobiology lectures (Denmark 2007)
For more about subcellular psychobiology, we refer you to the Subcellular Psychobiology webpage.

Subcellular Psychobiology lecture (Denmark 2007) part 1:
The developmental events, primary cell, and transpersonal biology models. (19:01)

Subcellular Psychobiology lecture (2007 Denmark) part 2:
The subcellular biology of trauma. (16:26)

Subcellular Psychobiology lecture (2007 Denmark) part 3:
Various subcellular disorders. (18:14)

Subcellular Psychobiology lecture (2007 Denmark) part 4:
Multiple personality disorder; healing trauma. (9:40)

Subcellular Psychobiology lecture (2007 Denmark) part 5:
Safety and the primary cell; more subcellular disorders. (12:09)

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