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Addiction treatment case examples
Dec 18, 2015

Clients give short descriptions of the changes treatment made.
Testimonial - My cravings for alcohol and drugs are gone.

            Our current treatment for addictions eliminates the craving and withdrawal symptoms. Treatment is usually quite short, measured in hours. The range of substances that our technique treats is quite surprising: cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, alcohol, opiates, etc. In December of 2015 we developed a treatment that also eliminated smoking addiction, something our current approach was unsuccessful in treating.

Clients give short descriptions of the changes treatment made.

"Because I haven't had any cravings, I'm able to focus more on my recovery. I don't have the thoughts of drugs, so that obstacle is not hindering my progress. I feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel positive about my recovery. I'm not having to deal with the fear of my cravings."
            K.O.41 y/o cocaine addict.

"No cravings that I cannot handle. I am more relaxed, I am thinking more clearly. I feel like a beautiful person."
            SB 36 y/o cocaine addict.

"I don't smoke no where as much as I used to. No drug dreams. My mother admitted to using drugs when pregnant with me. [I'm] more creative. I feel wonderful about these things,"
            SH 25 y/o methamphetamine addict.

"I can talk to someone about meth and not get all worked up. I'm very happy."
            SR 16 y/o methamphetamine addict.

"I have a lot more patience with my mom and we don't fight as much. I don't smoke cigarettes as much. I like the changes- I feel happier."
            CH 21 y/o heroin addict.

"No anxiety, no depression, more energy, better relationships with loved ones, less irritable, more patient. I'm much happier as a whole. [I feel] wonderful. It was a spiritual re-awakening. Life is good. I embrace each new day."
            KB 51 y/o alcoholic.

"My cravings are gone. I'm not as stressed out. I feet good. While doing the intervention I thought, "Oh yeah, right. This ain't gonna work," but it really and truly helped and I'm very surprised. And I feel great. I just keep my mind on other things. Before the meeting my cravings were really bad and I would get really stressed out. And I didn't think this would really work. But it did. I keep my mind off it. And [I] feel great. I feel relaxed and stress free."
            JM 21 y/o opiate addict.

"I have been more in touch with my feelings and have been able to talk and open up more. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders."
            RC 25 y/o alcoholic.

Testimonial - My cravings for alcohol and drugs are gone

Mr Fox,

I am writing this testimonial because I think it is important for you to know of the positive and life changing results of your counseling techniques.

My name is K.B. and I started using street drugs and alcohol on a daily basis in my early teens. In addition to being a product of the "turn on and drop out" generation of the 1960s I come from a long line of alcoholics and drug users. Feelings were not permitted in the home as I was growing up. Even before I chose to start using on my own, my father gave me his tranquilizers at age 10 as th solution to my adjustment problems associated with a relocation. So the stage was set: feelings, emotions and difficult times are dealt with by medicating.

I am now 52 years old and I have struggled with addiction my entire life. I am on my 5th marriage, have two children I don't see and have left a wake of destruction, disappointment and worry in my path. I have been in and out of several rehabilitation programs as well as A.A. only to relapse time and again. I would stay clean for a short while, but as soon as something uncomfortable was presented, my response was to run and hide behind the vale of drugs and alcohol. The cravings were constant and overwhelming. I planned my days and activities around using. Even though I stopped using drugs several years ago, mostly out of fear of being caught, alcohol abuse continued to be an issue.

As I mentioned, I had been in and out of 12 step based programs throughout my life and failed every time. The sense of failure and self-loathing only compounded cravings and obsessions. I began to research other options as I could not buy in to the fact that there was something inherently wrong with me and that the condition was hopeless and chronic as the 12 steppers preached. I did not want to believe that the best I could hope for was a "white knuckle" sobriety for the rest of my life. I felt that I was self medicating for an underlying issue or I simply never developed the skills to successfully process feelings and emotions. This is when I sought you out.

I have been working on these issues with you now for a few months. Within the first couple of visits I had a clear understanding of how addicted mind works and how to start to reverse that process. The techniques of self love, admiration for others and finger tapping you taught me are God sent. Almost immediately the cravings stopped. I now invoke these techniques as second nature and I am enjoying a sense of peace and calm for the first time in my life. The emotional and feelings based "triggers" are gone, totally nonexistent. There is a renewed sense of purpose in my life and clarity of mind that allows me to enjoy life and all it has to offer. I wake up embracing the new day instead of dreading the prospect. The relationship with my wife and other family members has improved and I am able to proactively address the negative effects of my past.

I would like to close on a persona note by saying thank you Matthew with all sincerity. Please feel free to use this correspondence as you see fit.

Best Regards,

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