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How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Whole-Hearted Healing® (WHH)
Dec 6, 1999


Read this Disclaimer of Responsibility Agreement now!

The material at this website is intended for educational purposes only and not intended to replace therapy by a qualified therapist. Some of the methods you will be learning are state of the art and still very experimental. Long term effects, if any, have not been studied or researched. Thus, we cannot guarantee that you or the people you work with will not have some sort of adverse reaction that we did not anticipate. It is highly recommended that you obtain training or work with a therapist trained in the method of Whole Hearted Healing described here before you begin using the process under the supervision of an independent qualified therapist or physician as legally appropriate. If you are not willing to take full and complete responsibility for what happens by using our material we require that you not implement the process known as Whole Hearted Healing. This is all common sense given the nature of our material, but we want to make it perfectly explicit up front.

1. You take complete responsibility for your own emotional and/or physical well being both during and after using this material.

2. You agree to not instruct others in the use of the Institute techniques except with the prior written agreement of the Institute.

3. You agree to hold harmless The Institute For The Study of Peak States and anyone else involved with these Institute techniques from any claims whatsoever including but not limited to claims for negligence made by you or anyone on your behalf.

4. You will use the techniques under the supervision of a qualified therapist or physician as legally appropriate.

5. You will not use these techniques to try to solve a problem where common sense would tell you that it is not appropriate.


When to use WHH, EFT, or a combination of the two:

As I've said before, I recommend that Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other energy therapies be learned before learning Whole Hearted Healing (WHH). They're generally simpler, faster, and less painful. I usually recommend that a therapist first use EFT (or equivalent energy therapy) and/or Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) with the client, given the tradeoffs described below. If they work quickly, you're done and can go home.

What are the potential drawbacks to using energy therapies? First, energy therapies have the problem of energy toxins causing them not to work, or can reverse the healing when the client encounters the toxic substance; the problem of psychological reversal with energy therapies can sometimes defeat any progress; some conditions just don't respond to energy therapies or respond poorly in spite of everything you do; we've run tests that strongly suggest that that certain accidental actions by clients can undo the healing done by energy therapies, (i.e. that energy therapies are intrinsically reversible, click here to go to the article on this website); and that energy therapies just won't work on some clients at all regardless of what's done to make them work.

The single biggest conceptual flaw in the current energy therapies is their lack of understanding that, in spite of appearances, past trauma is generally the cause of people's present issues. Since EFT and it's cousins seem to just magically take an issue away by just tapping on it without any memory of the past coming to the client's awareness, therapists don't realize the effect that the process is actually having on the client's past trauma. The second biggest flaw is their unawareness of peak states of consciousness, and the impact they have on the healing processes, such as understanding that the endpoint to healing is a feeling of 'calm, peace, and lightness' (CPL). All of these things WHH deals with as part of it's process.

Fortunately, WHH isn't affected by energy toxins, psychological reversal, is intrinsically irreversible, and will often quickly heal issues that energy therapies can't even begin to help, or are not very successful in helping. Yet, WHH is much slower, more painful, and harder to use than the energy therapies, and in some cases doesn't work nearly as well, for example when the client can't recall the earlier traumas. Additionally, we have found that some client issues are only indirectly due to trauma, and are more easily dealt with using EFT (for example, 'copying' as we call it in our process.)

However, another alternative exists. We've found that adding the WHH regression process to EFT usually drastically improves the already amazing speed of EFT, and allows issues to be healed that don't seem to let go quickly or at all with the standard EFT procedure. For example, EFT often see a client 'circling around' an issue, requiring many sessions of tapping over and over. Regression often cuts to the heart of it for efficient healing. So if you've already decided to use an energy therapy like EFT and there isn't much improvement, and TAT doesn't appear to help much either, I'd recommend trying a hybrid mix of WHH and EFT next. The combination has all of the benefits of both EFT and WHH with the only drawback that the healing might be accidentally reversed.

How to do the EFT/WHH hybrid process:

Applying WHH to EFT is quite simple. You use the basic WHH process but step 6 now uses EFT (or other meridian therapy) to tap out the client's pain and emotions, rather than the slow and relatively painful process of reversing the out-of-body experience. This speeds it up drastically and makes it MUCH more painless. Being in body is not as critical (step 5 of the basic WHH process), the EFT generally works even if the client isn't, but sometimes you need to get them in body for the EFT to be effective. Oddly enough, when I combine the techniques, I so far haven't had to do the psychological reversal steps the are sometimes required. This may just be an artifact of the small group I've tested it on, though.

If you decide to use an energy therapy like EFT, note down the sequence of trauma. That way, if it becomes reversed, you can jump directly to the origin and re-tap on that, saving time and stress on the client.

For your convenience, I give the EFT with WHH basic process steps below. (See the basic WHH manual for unusual experiences or problems you might encounter using this regression process, or click here to read a discussion on this website):

Step 1. Pick something that’s bothering you in the present. Write it down, and note how badly it makes you feel.

Step 2. Briefly focus on feeling in your body the feeling this situation brings up.

Step 3. Recall incidents when you felt exactly like this (often the situations are quite different). Choose the earliest one that has a clear image. Jot down the memories you skipped over. Use the ‘loving yourself’ technique to help access memories if needed.

Step 4. Place your hand on your chest to remind you to stay in your body in the past.

Step 5. Move into your body in the image, and merge your past and present self. If this is difficult, try simultaneously: a) loving yourself, b) white light c) relax diaphragm, throat, jaw d) hyperventilate before or during e) cranial hold f) diaphragm massage g) position at time of trauma h) rhythmic wavelike motion. See text for details.

Step 6. Use the EFT process to eliminate all the emotional and physical components of the trauma.

Step 7. If an earlier memory image appeared, move to that moment and repeat step 6. Continue to earlier and earlier memories until no more arise. Use the ‘loving yourself’ technique to access earlier memories. The earliest memory always involves damage to the body, and there may be several damage memories in a series.

Step 8. Check your work. The out of body image should be gone, with only an in-body image. If you flash to the memory, there should be no twinge of pain. Memories that you skipped over should no longer have any feeling to them. In womb, body should feel large and bright. Return to the present. Your should no longer feel anything at all about the current situation except peace, calm, and lightness. If some new feeling about the situation has arisen, repeat the entire process over and over until nothing is left.

With this process as a basic outline, there are several variations that you might want to try:

Some of our students have suggested that it might work to remove most of the charge from a trauma using tapping, but finish off the last of it using WHH, in order to make the healing irreversible. Of course, timing it so that there is some pain left over is not possible, but the idea certainly helps the client's suffering!

Another suggestion is to use the EFT or TAT process itself to unblock resistance to locating the trauma.

Incidentally, some clients aren't affected by meridian therapies, or effected only slightly. One man found that when he healed trauma in the first part of the birth process, where his baby self was stuck and couldn't get out, that EFT worked afterwards. I don't know if this is generally true, but it's worth pursuing if you have a client with this problem.

How to tell when a trauma is completely healed:

Again, one of the biggest problems in the field of energy therapies, not just EFT, is not knowing that the endpoint to healing a trauma is a feeling of 'calm, peace, and lightness' (CPL). I've often seen other therapists stop too soon when the client started to feel a positive emotion. As I've stated, even positive emotions are a problem when they are stuck due to trauma, since they then guide our behavior in the present inappropriately. (An extreme example of this would be someone stuck in the pleasant feeling 'manic' phase of manic depression. Both extremes cause dysfunctional behavior.)

Always take time to look for earlier trauma that is 'underneath' the one that you have healed. This step is generally the reason for a clients problem either not being completely gone, or returning later.

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