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CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
May 4, 2019

Project status
Treatment for CFS in our clinic is currently 'on hold'. We have a treatment that works well for the aspect of CFS called Post-Exertion Malaise. However, several of our clients continued to feel tired even through the collapse problem was gone. In one case this was due to a chronic Lyme disease infection - after treatment for Lyme's, their fatigue was eliminated. However, in two other cases we found that the tiredness was unrelated to Lyme but instead was from unknown causes. We continue to investigate.

What causes the post-exertion malaise symptom of CFS?
There may be many different causes for similar CFS symptoms. Our approach treats what we currently believe is the most common cause of the syndrome. This cause that we've identified is a disease process that blocks the nuclear pores inside the cells themselves, and our treatment uses developmental psychobiology. You might enjoy reading our blog article Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Solving the Biology.

Treatment results
To see a fascinating video of the results of our current CFS process, go to the CFS testimonial webpage.

Become an experimental subject
          To explore working on this project, or to become a possible client, phone Dr. McFetridge at 250-509-0514 in western Canada.


Revision History
May 4, 2019: Moved the CFS information from our clinic back to our research website.
April 27, 2014: First testimonial of the CFS results.
Jan 6, 2010: First description of the process.

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