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Warning: danger with accessing the 'spiral' developmental event
Dec 21, 2006

This safety alert is for all students, but especially students of the Basic Peak States Therapist’s Training in Australia and in Poland. The possibility exists that stimulating or working with any trauma at the end of the pre-coalescence 'spiral' stage for the precellular body brain can trigger irreversible multiple sclerosis in susceptible people - even people who previously showed no sign of the illness.

The Beauty Way Process in the manuals used in the Australian and Polish classes contains steps that access that event. DO NOT USE THIS PROCESS. The Basic Peak States Manuals with this problem are:

  • Rev 0.62 Page 89-90. Beauty Way Process. Australia.
  • Rev 0.7 Pages 119-120. Process: The Beauty Way. Poland.
Please remove and destroy your copies of this process. Please inform any classmates you know who took the Australian or Polish training about this safety alert.

A number of years ago, we had the opportunity to work with a client who had previously acquired multiple sclerosis when she triggered a trauma at the end of the spiral stage. We've since tested this observation with a colleague who also had the disease, and verified that this event can trigger or worsen the disease.

Healing any trauma at the end of the spiral developmental event will NOT cause the disease to stop. This is like pulling a trigger on a rifle - moving the trigger back to its rest position will not make the bullet return to the rifle barrel.

Implications for regression and peak states therapy:
It is extremely unlikely that clients will ever encounter this developmental event, or if they do, it is even more unlikely that this event is the origin of a trauma string. Thus, in the normal course of events, this trauma would either be missed or skipped over. However, you should be aware that the possibility exists.

Multiple sclerosis affects about one in a thousand people (0.1%). Thus, it is unlikely that this issue would ever arise in your practice. However, because we haven't yet identified a cure for this disease, you should assume that if the client gets the condition, they will not recover from it. Because the process in the old manuals has the Gaia command for this event (access to the problematic developmental moment), the likelihood that we would trigger people into the disease is probably around one in a thousand. However, we have some data that suggests that the problem could be significantly greater.

This is one of the potential hazards of this or any other experimental work with humans - problems can arise that only affect a very tiny minority of people, and normal testing procedures that involve hundreds of test subjects are unlikely to find these sorts of issues. It is only by luck that we discovered this before any problem arose.

Safety and Your Agreement to NOT Teach or Share Peak States Material
This current safety warning is a good example of the potential dangers inherent in this work. In class, you were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding teaching or sharing peak states material, primarily for reasons of safety. The material is too new, and tested on too few people, to insure that there will not be unexpected safety problems. Because you were part of our training and can receive our safety bulletins, any dangerous or even life-threatening problems we uncover will be communicated to you. However, this 'safety net' does not exist for people who may receive this material second hand, in violation of the agreement with us.

We appreciate your continued participation and agreement to abide by the safety rules of the ISPS.

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