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The Type 1 Diabetes Project
March 24, 2022

          This project is to try and find a way to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D) and eliminate the need for insulin injections. We're applying a psycho-immunology (PI) and psychobiology (PB) approach to 1) understand the underlying cause of the disease, especially the autoimmune aspects, and 2) find an effective, permanent treatment to eliminate the symptoms of this disease. Note that T1D is incurable using current medical techniques.

Project history
          This project started by accident in 2010, when one of our new students who had T1D volunteered to be a research subject. Academically, this project was also particularly interesting to us as, if successful, it would clearly demonstrate the efficacy of our PI approach without any possibility of doubt. However, we knew this was going to be a very difficult disease to tackle, since we would have to first understand the underlying autoimmune mechanism, something that is not at all understood biologically. On top of that, we also knew that T1D as an autoimmune disease was 'psychologically reversed', which means people with this disease unconsciously resist healing it, making the use of psychological techniques particularly difficult.
          Our first attempts involved directly repairing the pancreas' beta cells, as well the as insulin feedback structures in associated organs. Although this appeared to repair the pancreatic islet damage, this approach did not solve the insulin release problem. A few years later, we discovered that there were pancreas organelles inside the primary cell, whose damage directly corresponded to the pancreas' dysfunction. We eventually realized that a subcellular fungal pathogen was indirectly influencing the body to attack its own pancreas organelle, which was causing the autoimmune effect. In 2022 we worked out PI techniques that eliminated this pathogen, which nicely repaired both the organelles and the pancreas islet cells, but to our surprise, didn't eliminate the need for insulin. We are now investigating the sugar/insulin feedback mechanisms.
          In 2021, Mary Pellicer MD gave a talk on our T1D research up to that point:

Contacting us to become a type 1 diabetes research subject
          If you are interested in becoming a client for an experimental treatment for diabetes type 1, please contact us by clicking on the link below, or contact the Institute's main office at +1-250-509-0514.

Email: Click to contact the Institute

  • "The Streetlight Effect in Type 1 Diabetes" by Manuela Battaglia and Mark A. Atkinson, Diabetes Volume 64, April 2015. DOI: 10.2337/db14-1208

Current project director
Mary Pellicer MD.

Previous project director
Our thanks to Vish Boehmler for his years of effort on researching type 1 diabetes.
Vish Beomler hat 192px
Vish Boehmler
Alberton, Montana, USA

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Revision History
March 24, 2022: Updated with the latest research results.
January 25, 2014: First webpage on this project (although the project has been going on since 2010).