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The Diabetes Project
January 25, 2014

          This project involves finding a way to cure type 1 diabetes, something that is incurable with current medical techniques. Our approach does not require drugs or any other kind of physical intervention. We use state of the art psychological techniques.

Diabetes Type 1 Research Subjects
          If you are interested in becoming a client for an experimental treatment for diabetes type 1, please read the 'diabetes disclosure and liability form' for the study (PDF file, 112KB).

Contacting Us
          To explore working on this project, or to become a possible client, phone Vish Boehmler at (+1) 406-830-0774 in Montana, USA, or contact the Institute's main office at +1-250-509-0514.

Email: Click to contact the Institute

Project Director

Vish Beomler hat 192px

Vish Boehmler
Alberton, Montana, USA


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Revision History
January 25, 2014: First webpage on this project (although the project has been going on since 2010).