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If you are interested in our work, feel free to contact Institute staff members - we enjoy chatting when we have the time.

The Institute staff is spread over three continents; and we generally work and teach out of our homes. All of us are volunteers, and many of us also have other careers.

Most of the staff are heavily involved with our research efforts. Many of the staff also see clinic clients. Some also teach our therapist classes.

Our main office is in Canada.


McKenzie picture
Shayne McKenzie - CEO, Clinic Director and Trainer
Phone: +41 76 269 75 66
Email: Shayne
Sydney, Australia

"I am honored to take on this leadership role for the Institute. The work that we do is a natural expression of my life purpose - to make a positive difference to humanity." Shayne teaches, conducts research, and directs the Institute. His background includes management consulting and coaching.


Nemi Nath photo
Nemi Nath - Australia Clinic, Teaching and Research
Email: Nemi Nath email
Phone: +61 266897455
Lillian Rock, NSW, Australia

Nemi has a residential clinic in Australia and also teaches Peak States students there. She is also passionately involved with the research and humanity project efforts.


Samsara Salier photo
Samsara Salier - Research Staff
Email: Samsara Salier email
Phone: +61 3 6223 3831, or 0438 897 533
Tasmania, Australia

Samsara now spends all her time in research. She was formerly the coordinator for current students and graduated therapists.


Dr. Grant McFetridge photo
Grant McFetridge, Ph.D. - Director of Research
Email: Grant McFetridge email
Office Phone: +1 250-413-3211, Mobile: +1 (808) 498-9956
Hornby Island, BC, Canada

Dr. Grant McFetridge directs the research and development efforts. "I received my MSEE from Stanford University, and did my doctoral work in psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies and at the University for Integrative Learning. I used to design electronic products, and teach electrical engineering at Cal Poly (California State University at San Luis Obispo), before moving to healing work full time. My areas of expertise are in research, modeling, problem solving, spiritual emergency, and regenerative healing."


Paula Courteau - Editor and Research Staff
Email: Paula Courteau email
Phone: +1 250-335-0820,
Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada

Paula wears a number of 'hats' in the Institute. Her primary interest is in research. Her book Whole-Hearted Healing Workbook (2013) has been published in several languages, and is used by our students and by the general public.


John Heinegg - Research Staff
Email: John Heinegg email
Phone: +1 250-335-0470 in Canada (Pacific Standard Time)
Hornby Island, BC Canada

"My primary focus at this moment is composing and recording music for Gaia commands, editing for the ISPS Press, and general research." John is also a registered nurse and edits medical journals.


Kirsten Lykkegaard photo
Kirsten Lykkegaard, DVM, Ph.D. - Co-Director of Research
Phone: +45 20643935
Email:Kirsten email 90dpi
Copenhagen, Denmark

With a life-long passion for research, Kirsten is focused on understanding and solving fundamental biological problems. As Co-director of Research Kirsten contributes to setting the overall research strategies, prioritizations and contributes to safety as well as effectiveness testing in order to develop new, safe and effective techniques. Kirsten has a background as a doctor of veterinary medicine, holds a PhD in pharmacology, and has contributed with fundamental research in biomedical research companies for the last 17 years. Kirsten's current focus is on traumatic brain injury (TBI), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), immunity to specific viral and bacterial diseases, autism, and addictions.


Lailah Johansson photo
Lailah Johansson - Teaching and Research
Phone: +45 2061 6688
Email: Lailah Johansson email
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lailah teaches PeakStates students, and also does certification assessments and mentoring for first year peakstates practitioners. She is a member of the research staff. Lailah is a therapist and has a private practice in Denmark.


Leif Pedersen photo
Leif Pedersen - Teaching and Research
Phone: +45 7556 0838, +45 5117 1838
Email: Leif Pedersen email
Vejle Nord, Denmark


Gaetan Klein photo
Gaetan Klein - Certified Therapist Coordinator & Student Support
Email: Gaetan Klein email
Paris, France

Gaetan coordinates the PeakStates therapist certification process, and acts as a resource for graduated therapists. He is a therapist in France, with a focus on addictions.


Ingka Malten photo
Ingka Enyan - D-A-CH (German speaking region) Clinic, Teaching and Research
Email: Ingka Malten email
Phone: +49(0)162 9060 211
München, Germany

Ingka coordinates activities for the Institute in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Ingka teaches PeakStates Therapy and Whole-Hearted Healing, and also does certification assessments and mentoring for first year peakstates practitioners. She teaches both in English and German language and is a member of the research staff. Since 2003 she has worked as a healing practitioner (Heilpraktiker) accredited according to German state health regulation.


Astrid Paulini photo
Astrid Paulini - Therapist Development and Support Director
Email: astrid-email
Tel: +49 (0)174 983 2703 oder +49 (0)7066 902059
Heilbronn, Germany


Lars Vestby photo
Lars Vestby - Research Staff
Email: Lars Vestby email
Phone: +47 9165 7428
Oslo, Norway

"My primary focus is research and development."


Marezena Defler photo
Marzena Defler - Polish coordinator; Student coordinator (Poland and Russia)
Email: Marzena email 2
Phone: +48 791-190-403
Krakow, Poland

Marzena coordinates the Peak States therapist certification process for Polish and Russian students, and acts as a resource for graduated therapists in those countries. She is a therapist in Poland with a focus on relationships, emotional issues and limiting beliefs.


Grazyna Niedzieska photo
Grazyna Niedzieska - Teaching and Research
Email: Grazyna Niedzieska email
Phone: +48 607 637 877
Warsaw, Poland

Grazyna's main interest is in research, especially on the humanity project, and on autism.


Agata Szyplinska photo
Agata Szyplinska - Teaching and Clinic
Email: Agata Szyplinska email
Phone: +0034 685051586
Krakow, Poland

Agata has both a private practice in Poland and in the Canary Islands. She teaches and mentors students for the Institute, and sees Institute clinic clients.


Vish Boehmler photo
Bruce (Vish) Boehmler - Research Staff (Diabetes Project)
Email: Vish Boelmer email
Phone: +1 406-830-0774
Alberton, Montana, USA


Steve Hsu - Software Support
Email: Steve Hsu email
Los Angeles, California, USA


Joy Nauman 120px
Joy Nauman, ND - Principle Investigator
Yakima, Washington, USA

Dr. Nauman develops the framework and templates for evidence-based applied research projects within the Institute.


Mary Pellicer image
Mary Pellicer M.D. - Medical Director for Applied Research
Email: Mary Pellicer email address
Phone: 509-965-4502
Yakima, Washington, USA

Dr. Mary is trained as a family practice physician, but left conventional medical practice after becoming frustrated with the poor results. She has a health coaching practice focusing on autoimmune issues and is very involved with helping people living with disabilities. In her role as the Medical Director for Applied Research for the Institute, Mary is passionate about bringing the ISPS discoveries to a wider audience. Her main area of focus at present is the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) project.

Former staff

We would also like to thank all of the former members of our volunteer staff who have donated their time and energy to our work. In particular, our most profound thanks to past core staff members whose focused, long-term efforts and passion to bring a new way of healing to mankind made such a huge difference to our research (in roughly chronological order): Marie Green PhD, Deola Perry PhD, Adam Waisel MD (deceased), Tal Laks, Matt Fox, Kasia Prasalek, Edward Rodziewicz (deceased), Ian Waugh, Kasia Dodd, and Piotr Kawecki.


Frank Downey
Frank Downey, former chairman and CEO (1998-2016)
Email: Frank Downey email
Cell: +1 403-396-0843
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada

"I served as an Officer and pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1954 to 1964. I graduated as a Certified Management Accountant in 1966. I have held senior financial and management positions in the oil, gas, and mining industries until recently; when I joined Grant McFetridge as the CEO to formulate a business plan to further the goals of the Institute."

In Requiem

Edward Rodziewicz
Edward Rodziewicz
Pila, Poland

"My philosophy is searching for the possibilities of human development, and healing what has limited it, especially addictions. More physically I'm interesting in organizing the ISPS affiliate in Poland and Europe, and organizing WHH and PeakState courses for therapists and teachers."

Edward died of a stroke March 18, 2012. He was the original inspiration for our work to come to Poland, and he co-directed our efforts in Poland for many years. He was truly dedicated to our humanity project, a warm, capable and loving man and an exceptional advanced therapist. He is greatly missed by all who knew him.

In Requiem

Adam Waisel
Dr. Adam Waisel, M.D.

"Dr Adam Waisel is a practicing Western physician and surgeon, who after witnessing Western Medicine's shortcomings, has turned to Chinese Medicine, which he practices in his private clinic. After witnessing Chinese Medicine's shortcomings, Dr Waisel came in contact with Grant McFetridge and learned WHH and its associated techniques, which he now uses and teaches, alongside Chinese Medicine. Dr. Waisel lives in Haifa, Israel."

Dr. Waisel died of a heart attack at his home July 21, 2005. He was an outstanding person, physician and healer who focused his entire life to find ways to better mankind. He is greatly missed.

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