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Parkinson's Disease project
Feb 11, 2024

This project is to find a treatment for Parkinson's Disease (PD). This disorder is progressive and currently considered incurable. We are developing a non-drug, trauma-based psycho-immunology approach that we hope will eliminate all symptoms of the disease.

Project updates:
Feb 11, 2024: We've started testing the PD rev 1 treatment with a test volunteer.
April 22, 2022: We are applying for a grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation. To download a copy of our Parkinson's disease research proposal, click here.

If you are a person with Parkinson's, or a medical professional working with PD, and would like to help us develop a psychoimmunology-based treatment, please phone us at 1-250-509-0514 (in western Canada), or email us by clicking the link below:

Contact us

To participate as a subject in our research study, download, read, and fill out (as appropriate) the following PDFs:


Current project team

Mary Pellicer, MD, Medical Director of Applied Research

Kirsten Lykkegaard DVM, PhD, Director of Research

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Revision History
Feb 11, 2024: Added client forms, and announced start of testing phase.
April 22, 2022: New research project. Applied for an MJF Foundation grant.