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Warning: 'time jumping' and the 'flattened emotions' problem
Jan 25, 2014

We discovered this totally unexpected phenomenon in January of 2005 by accident, during a test of a new peak state process. Everyone who used the new experimental procedure (all 6 people) found themselves with a serious problem that wouldn't go away without active intervention.

Triggering the problem
We were attempting to isolate the traumatic blocks that keep a peak experience from being a peak state. To do this, we had our students move their awareness between the present and the past peak experience rapidly, in order to look for differences between the past and the present. To our shock, in as few as three or four cycles, the students found themselves unable to feel the peak experience - in fact found themselves with a greatly reduced ability to feel any positive (or negative) emotions. This problem was stable - time did not diminish it in the group who experienced it.

Diagnosing the 'Flattened Emotions' problem
We have two ways to identify the problem, either using verbal questions or using a peak ability. The latter is certain - the former can misdiagnose, but using the cure procedure has no effect in this case.

Average consciousness questions:

  • Does the client find their range of both positive and negative emotions mildly or severely reduced? (This is easiest to test on positive feelings - memories that normally feel good no longer have much if any feeling to them.)
  • Has the client moved their awareness back in forth in time rapidly just before the problem occurred?
  • Does the client complain of mild or severe 'depression'?

Peak ability diagnosis:
Use the 'Seeing Brain Awarenesses' peak ability and observe both the heart and body consciousnesses. Both look 'squeezed', and if some sort of vice or container was compressing them. This condition is unmistakable and cannot be confused with other problems once a person has seen it.

Frequency of occurrence
To our great surprise, using the peak ability diagnosis, we found milder versions of this problem in students who had not consciously used the time jumping procedure. In a sample size of 9 people, we found 2 who had lesser degrees of the problem - but didn't realize it. We had them use the Hendrick's 'Loving Yourself' process as a calibration before and after the cure procedure. Both reported clear and unambiguous gains in their ability to love themselves after the 10 minute cure process.

The 'time jumping' procedure triggers trauma left from trauma that occurs to the precellular heart organelle in a very early developmental event. Thus, we can anticipate that some people would have more problems with the trigger activity, and some, without trauma at this key event, would be left unaffected. However, based on our limited sample sizes, most people have trauma that can be triggered at this event - one must assume that one is both vulnerable, and that the trauma, once activated, would cause the negative 'flattened emotions' state to be stable for most people.

Although it might be possible to be proactive - heal the event ahead of time to make one immune - we are unwilling to test this on people, since there is a small risk that we might not be able to heal the person afterwards.

Healing the precellular heart trauma (for both egg and sperm) has proved 100% effective in eliminating the problem. The current cure process takes less than 1hour to do. Clients, if you have or suspect you have this problem,
certified therapists can treat your problem on a 'charge for results' basis.

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