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The Regenerative Healing Project
May 3, 2011

          This is one of the most exciting projects we ever worked on. In essence, it’s the ‘Holy Grail’ of healing. Throughout time are examples of immediate, radical physical healing of all kinds of physical damage and diseases. Many of the conditions healed in this way are considered incurable with any known technique. Some examples would be damaged or cut spinal cords, AIDS, broken bones, etc. Although outside the current paradigm of our culture, the phenomenon exists in two forms - people who spontaneously heal themselves, and people who go to a healer and have it happen with their intervention.

The Project Staff:
          We are looking for healers or potential healers who would like to be a part of the Institute in this work. This would involve becoming experimental subjects whose consciousness would be permanently shifted to give them this ability. We have great hope that the process might be reduced to something that could be learned by the general public, not just highly trained specialists. To become involved as a healer, we currently require interested people to have taken our PeakStates 1 Professional training class.

Contacting Us
          To explore working on this project, or to become a possible client, phone 250-509-0514 in western Canada to contact us.

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Revision History
May 3, 2011: Changed the name from Radical Physical Healing to Regenerative Healing.
Nov 2006: First description of the Regenerative Healing Project.