CEO Shayne McKenzie visiting Europe Nov.

ISPS faviconAdded Oct 26, 2016: Our new CEO Shayne McKenzie (Australia) will be in Europe meeting certified therapists and people interested in our work. He'll be there Nov 3 - 21, 2016. You can arrange meetings with him at McKenzie Email, phone +61 (0) 432 887520 in Australia, or contact a staff person in your country.
  • Thur Nov 3: Arrive in Paris (Charles De Gaulle) at 12:25pm (no accommodation booked yet)
  • Fri Nov 4: Leave Beauvais Tille, France at 9am and arrive Barcelona 10:45am Fri Nov 4 (no accommodation booked yet)
  • Sat Nov 5: Leave Barcelona 7:25am and arrive Gran Crania 9:45am Sat Nov 5 (staying with Agata Szyplinska)
  • Sat Nov 5: Leave Las Palmas 8:20pm and arrive London Gatwick 12:25am Sun Nov 6 (yes, midnight! - no accommodation booked yet)
  • Mon Nov 7: Leave London 2:10pm and arrive Vienna 5:20pm Mon Nov 7 (staying with Georg Parlow, Wilfried Ehrmann)
  • Tue Nov 8: Leaving Vienna 1:30pm and arrive Hamburg 3pm Tue Nov 8 (staying with Ingka Malten)
  • Wed Nov 9: Travel to Berlin (not booked yet) and then leave Berlin central bus station at 12:05pm and arrive Wroclaw bus station 4:30pm (Marzena picking me up and having dinner with Marzena and Agata Mankiewicz)
  • Thu Nov 10: Visit Marzena and Agata’s autism school and then travel to Warsaw (staying with Grazyna Niedzieska)
  • Sun Nov 13: Leave Warsaw 9:10am and arrive Copenhagen 10:45am Sun Nov 13 (staying with Lailah Johannsen)
  • Tue Nov 15: Leave Copenhagen 9:20am and arrive Oslo 10:30am Tue Nov 15 (staying with Lars Vestby)
  • Leave Oslo 7:20am Wed Nov 16 and arrive London Gatwick at 8:40am Wed Nov 16 (no accommodation booked yet)
  • Thur Nov 17 - my son’s buck’s night
  • Sat Nov 19 - my son’s wedding
  • Sun evening (probably): leave London to Paris (not booked yet)
  • Mon Nov 21: Leave Paris 9:25am to fly back to Sydney via Doha, Qatar

Lyme disease and psychoneuroimmunology

ISPS faviconAdded Oct 15, 2016: Added a webpage about our work on a treatment for Lyme disease, including the psychoimmunology principle used for creating immunity.

The subcellular disease cause for autism

ISPS faviconAdded May 25, 2016: Added a webpage describing the subcellular disease that causes autism. Our new treatment should be available for clients this fall (2016).

New fast smoking addiction treatment.

ISPS faviconAdded Dec 21, 2015: Starting in January 2016, people suffering with a smoking addiction can get treatment from our certified therapists. This new approach is fast, simple, and extremely effective.

Video on the fungal origin of schizophrenic voices.

ISPS faviconDec 11, 2014:The 7 minute video, "A fungal disease origin for 'hearing voices' (schizophrenia)" has just been uploaded. Created by Piotr Kawecki and narrated by Dr. McFetridge, it explains with illustrations the subcellular biology of the most common form of 'voices'.