Newsletter #14 - How EFT works in the cell

ISPS faviconNovember 24, 2008: Support newsletter #14 for our students explains how EFT works in the cell, why it can sometimes be reversed, and how to make it irreversible. This is part 1 of a two part series. We also cover news on our clinics.

Volume 2 of Peak States of Consciousness

ISPS faviconNovember 12, 2008: Volume 2 of Peak States of Consciousness: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States is now available in hardcover from Amazon in the US and the UK.

ISPS faviconAugust 29, 2008. You can listen to a question and answer interview with Grant McFetridge, the founder of the Institute for the Study of Peak States, speaking about the Institute. Hear just specific questions from the talk, or hear (or download) the entire 30 minute recording. It was recorded in Denmark in the spring of 2008.

ISPS favicon April 26, 2008: An improved Inner Peace Process revision 4.1 (with music) on now on the certified peakstates therapist's updates webpage.

ISPS favicon April 26, 2008: Added student support newsletter #13 about the generation and use of music in healing and peak states work.