ISPS faviconDecember 22, 2004: Archived Newsletter #8 on testing of new peak state processes, a cure for alcohol addiction, and two new directors.

ISPS faviconDecember 9, 2004: New process for inducing long term peak states for the general public.

ISPS faviconDecember 7, 2004: Re-wrote schedule and workshop list page for clarity.

ISPS faviconNovember 17, 2004: New Addictions Project Director, Maureen Chandler, LPN. Updated Addictions Project page. Testing new alcoholism cure process now.

ISPS faviconNovember 14, 2004: Peak States 1 workshop in Ottawa, Canada Jan 12-16, 2005 and Columbia MD Jan 26-30.

ISPS faviconOctober 5, 2004: Added Aldana's books to the order page.

ISPS faviconOctober 1, 2004: Fixed broken links on the "click to ..." email responses (due to changing servers).

ISPS faviconAugust 21, 2004: New 'Peak States 1' workshops scheduled.

ISPS faviconMay 7, 2004: Archived Newsletter #7.

ISPS faviconApril 29, 2004: The Whole-Hearted Healing Manual (3rd Edition) is now ready to be purchased. Links were added to the printer.

ISPS faviconApril 29, 2004: The new 'Acquiring Peak States 1' workshops have been scheduled.

ISPS faviconApril 22, 2004: Fixed problem with no orders being taken by Booksurge for our new book. See the notice at the top of this page is you ordered a book from this website between March and April 23, 2004.

ISPS faviconApril 21, 2004: Archived Newsletter #6.

ISPS faviconMarch 12, 2004: Fixed broken link to our publisher's page.

ISPS faviconMarch 5, 2004: Our book Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 1: Breakthrough Techniques for Exceptional Quality of Life is now available.