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International Institute Centers/Offices
Feb 21, 2022

The Institute is a world wide organization with offices (and volunteers) spread around the world. Different locations have various kinds of facilities and services. Our main clinical research facility is in western Canada, while our main training and conference center is in northern Australia. We also have a small hub office in Poland, and our academic registrar is in the USA.

If you want to visit, be sure to contact the facility ahead of time to make sure they have time to see you and somewhere for you to stay.

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Canada flag Canada

Hornby dock
Canada Main Office

Phone (+1) 250-509-0514
3310 Cowie Rd, Hornby Island, British Columbia, V0R 1Z0, Canada
Email: Grant email

This is the central office for the Institute worldwide. The primary focus at this location is research, writing and clinical services, with occasional classes taught here. The office is at the homes of the staff on this beautiful Gulf Coast island, Hornby. Visits during the summer can be a bit of a problem, because of the large number of tourist visitors booking all the island accommodations. Fall and spring visits are best - the winters can be quite dark and cold. Directions to and pictures of Hornby can be found at

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Austraila flag Australia

Kaivalya Meru
Australia Office

Phone/fax: (61) 2-6689-7455
"Kaivalya Meru", Kyogle Road, Lillian Rock, NSW 2480 Australia
Email: Nemi Nath email

Under the direction of Nemi Nath, former president of the International Breathwork Foundation, the Australian clinic is located at Kaivlaya Meru in northern New South Wales. This residential training center if a focal point for the Institute's activities in Australia. For directions to the center, click on this link:

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Denmark flag Denmark

Denmark office
Denmark Office

Phone: (45) 20616688
Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: Email Lailah

Ms. Lailah Johannson coordinates the Denmark clinic. For specific Danish information, see the website in Danish.

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Poland Poland

Pila, Poland picture
Poland Office

Phone: +(48) 607637877
Warsaw, Poland
Email: Agata Szyplinska email

Ms. Agata Szyplinska coordinates the Polish clinic staff. For specific Polish information, see the website in Polish.

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