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An Index of Peak States with Their Probabilities of Occurrence
Nov 3, 2020

Below are brief descriptions of many of the possible peak states. To understand what causes these states and why they occur, refer to our textbooks Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volumes 1 and 2. Volume 1: Breakthrough Techniques for Exceptional Quality of Life covers the triune brain fusion states, and Volume 2: Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States covers most of the rest of the states.
            Partial information can also be seen on this website in the Underlying Model page that explains why peak states exist and what causes them, and in the article Spiritual Emergency and the Triune Brain.

Grouping States by their Underlying Phenomena
Peak states fall into groups. Each state in a given group expresses an aspect of a single, underlying, fundamental and unique experiential phenomenon. Most groups involve different 'realms' of existence. The list is not in developmental order - most peak states can be acquired independently of each other. The groups that we've identified so far are:

Realm Peak States
Other Peak States
Subcellular Pathogen Infection States
Peak Abilities

Recently added states (ones not in Peak States of Consciousness vol. 2):
Our work in identifying the states and their key, invariant characteristics is still ongoing and thus this web page continues to be revised as new discoveries or corrections are made. (The revision history is at the bottom of the page.)

Naming Conventions
Most of the peak states listed here cannot be identified in the traditional spiritual literature, although a few are recognized as distinct states. Of these few, most have obscure names that are unknown to the general English speaking public. Thus, in labeling states we use the following conventions:
            The names of most states are short descriptions of the state's most noticeable sensation or characteristic. Some states have different characteristics for men and women, and in that case we arbitrarily chose the male version (e.g., the 'Underlying Happiness' state.)
            If the state already has a well-known name, we've used it (e.g., the 'Beauty Way' state). However, if a well-known name caused confusion to the general public, we chose to label the state with an unambiguous name and noted the traditional name in the text. In cases where we weren't sure of what state the conventional name was trying to identify (e.g., Christ consciousness), we chose to use our own unambiguous state name. We realize this may lead to problems when our definition is not quite the same as other people's, but in the future we expect the names and definitions to stabilize as more people work with peak states.
            When describing a state made up of two other states, we simply combine the names together with the triune brain state name first (if applicable) and call it a combination state. If a combination state already had a well-known name we used it.
            Some states, when combined, give qualities that neither alone possess. In this case we call it a synergistic state. For example, the Beauty Way is a synergistic state that already has a well-known name, and that has a quality of 'aliveness' that the separate states do not.

Estimates of Occurrence
In the short descriptive list of peak states below we've included some estimates of the probability of their occurrence in the general population. They are based on evaluations of our North American students. Unfortunately, these estimates may be wildly inaccurate due to measurement problems and tiny sample sizes (see Peak States of Consciousness, Volume 2 for our measurement techniques), but we included them as a starting place to give people a feel for the relative rarity.
            There are a number of problems with making these estimates (although many of these will resolve themselves with more work and the creation of better measurement tools):
  • Have we correctly and fully identified the core characteristics of each state?
  • Where is the cutoff point for someone who is only partially in the state, and how would it be determined?
  • Do we include people who fall in and out of the state (i.e. the state's stability), and if so what average percentage of the time would they have to be in the state to be included? How would this be determined?
  • How do we make externally verifiable and repeatable measurements that independent investigators can agree on?
  • Many people have never felt a given state characteristic, but don't realize this. Instead, they assume the words refer to something they do know.
A Discussion About States Involving Internal Light (Inner Brightness States)
There are two states that involve an experience of light inside (and outside) the body - the Creator Light state, and the Brain Light state, and it is possible that there are others. We give this group of states the overall label of 'Inner Brightness' states, although they are not functionally related.
            Getting a person with only one type of inner light to identify which one they have is difficult, as the verbal descriptions can be hard to apply to the inner experience. Too, people in the Sacred Body or Sacred Beings state don't always realize they have an inner light state because their interior 'looks' fluorescent black to them. Thus, to help us diagnose which states a person has, we start by asking if they experience themselves as being 'bright inside', or as having 'inner light'. Then we can ask more questions to identify the particular light state they have. The word 'brightness' captures both the quality of a 'bright dark' and the more typical inner light experience, and so we often call it this when trying to identify these states in people.
            Confusingly, our Whole-Hearted Healing therapy also uses the word 'light' or 'lightness'. We use it to describe one of the endpoints to trauma healing, where the client feels like a weight has been removed from his body. However, when using WHH on prenatal trauma, another endpoint to the healing also occurs - an experience of internal light in the fetus, sperm, egg, or precellular brain. To avoid confusion, we try to use the word 'brightness' when talking about the inner light experience states and lightness when we are talking about the sensation of losing weight from one's body. We hope this clarification helps minimizes confusion.

States and abilities involving the Triune Brains

We generally know the triune brains by their everyday labels - mind, heart, and body. These self-aware structures are unified in three successive layers of size and complexity: at the largest scale, they are found in specific areas in the brain (frontal cortex, limbic system, R-complex, etc.); at the subcellular level, these awarenesses are found as membranes structures in the primary cell (for example the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, etc.); and at the smallest scale, the triune brains awarenesses extend outwards from tiny blocks inside the nucleolus. Their health or interactions create peak starts; their damage or poor interconnections cause various types of diseases and disorders.

Triune Brain Intrinsic Peak States
In 2018 we found that each triune brain type has its own intrinsic peak state. These states are absent in typical people due to damage to the triune brains at the block level.

'Buddha brain' state
  • Characteristics: The crown brain is experienced as a giant statue of Buddha above one's head.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the crown brain block.
  • Comments: Not sure of its use
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.
'Data Networks' state
  • Characteristics: A three dimensional webbing around the body whose nodes contain associated information.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the mind brain block.
  • Comments: Key to doing breakthrough research in science and technology.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Being Present' state
  • Characteristics: Always in-body. Attention is both directed both inwardly and outwardly simultaneously. Past trauma has little or no physical pain when re-experienced. It is sometimes associated with the 'wide-angle' vision ability.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the throat brain block (otherwise known as the placenta or tail blocks).
  • Comments: This state can be identified in the primary cell - trauma strings appear white instead of black.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Wide Angle Vision' ability
  • Characteristics: The ability to see clearly in the peripheral areas of vision. At its maximum, the ability to see behind the head with full three-dimensional perception.
  • Use: This ability is associated with facilitating the acquisition of spiritual and shamanic states.
  • Cause: It appears to be associated with the Being Present state.
  • Comments: Both Rinzai Zen Buddhist and Tom Brown Jr.'s shamanic training emphasize the importance of this ability/state.
  • Frequency: Unknown, but relatively common (to some degree) with training.

'Loving-Kindness' state
  • Characteristics: Intense sensations of love, kindness and wisdom. It feels like what one would imagine Jesus must have felt. There is often the sensation of the presence of other deceased spiritual teachers.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the heart brain block.
  • Comments: It feels a lot like you are love, not just feeling love. Previously called the 'Christ Consciousness' state in the first edition of Volume 1 of Peak States of Consciousness.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined

'Listening to Silence' state
  • Characteristics: A deep inner silence even when internal or external noise is present.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the solar plexus brain block.
  • Comments: An extremely pleasurable state sometimes encountered in long meditation. Not related to the Silent Mind state.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Inner Light' state
  • Characteristics: An internal light that can in some cases extend past the skin boundary. It has more of an intense white color to it, not a broad-spectrum light like sunlight. It can be accompanied by feelings of bliss and perceptions of either a tube leading upward, or of standing in a column of light. This state allows people to regress at will.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the body triune brain block.
  • Comments: People describe this 'light' as being intense or charged with energy. It often feels like it comes from above. The state can be used to regress as in the 'life review' of the near-death experience (NDE). It comes in varying degrees of brightness - the full state is extremely bright. When experienced with the Sacred Beings or the Sacred Body states the light looks a bright florescent black rather than white. Renamed from 'Creator Light' to 'Inner Light' April 2020.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Stability Column' state
  • Characteristics: The sensation of a black iron rod going up the center of the body from the perineum to the top of the head. This gives the sensation of being immovable, in the sense that outside influences cannot affect one.
  • Cause: Blocked by damage to the perineum brain block.
  • Comments:
  • Frequency: Very rare. At best, one person in 200 has it.

Triune Brain Fusion Peak States
There are two types of triune brain fusion at the block level. Each block type is designed to be fused into one block from its egg and sperm counterparts at conception. Inability for the pairs to fuse causes various mental and physical problems. Each brain type is also designed to be connected to another brain type in a structure reminiscent of a totem pole. We called the results of these connections 'triune brain fusion states', because their awarenesses became fused, even though the physical block structures only linked up.

'Average Consciousness' state
  • Characteristics: This state is everyday consciousness for most people. There is a relatively continuous (albeit variable) emotional reactivity to some degree, and a subconscious underlying fear. People in this state are strongly affected by other's emotions.
  • Cause: The triune brains' awarenesses are not merged or fused; and the male and female 'center of awarenesses' are split.
  • Comments: By definition, these people do not have any significant peak states. The triune brains mostly 'get along', but do act like a dysfunctional family.
  • Frequency: Very common.
  • YouTube video with more information: "Being human is a spectrum disorder (2023)"

'Inner Peace' state
  • Characteristics: A continuous feeling of peace even while feeling other, even painful emotions. Past traumas no longer have any charge associated with them. As soon as the present circumstances change, the emotional reactivity stops.
  • Cause: Can be acquired if the mind and heart brains fuse together, or by healing the trauma that causes 'anchors' to form in stuck nuclear pore messenger RNA strings.
  • Comments: A subset of the Beauty Way state.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined, but probably in the 5% to 10% range.
  • Warning: Attempts to acquire full mind-heart fusion can trigger a death and dismemberment trauma experience.

'Underlying Happiness' state
  • Characteristics: A feeling of happiness underlies all other feelings. It exists simultaneously even with difficult feelings such as sadness or anger. In women, a continuous loving feeling is more dominant, although the happiness is still present.
  • Cause: Heart and body brains fused together.
  • Comments: Doesn't stop the past from feeling emotionally traumatic.
  • Frequency: Estimated 9% relatively continuously, additional 12% recognize it.
  • Warning: Attempts to acquire full body-heart fusion can trigger a death and dismemberment trauma experience.

'Big Sky' state
  • Characteristics: The world feels huge. Looking at the sky, it feels gigantic. Your boundaries disappear, especially above your head.
  • Cause: Body, mind and Buddha brains fused together. The sensation of the huge sky is from a body sensation of the relative distance between objects and one's body.
  • Comments: I'm not sure if I've accurately analyzed this state. Treat it as possibly being due to a non-triune brain phenomenon. More work needs to be done on it.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Hearing the Brains' state/ability
  • Characteristics: The ability to 'hear' the brains communicating with you and with each other. The brains typically interact like a dysfunctional family.. No other particular sensations.
  • Cause: The heart brain acts as an interface between the brains and the conscious self.
  • Comments: An extremely useful state for doing healing work on oneself. In a Perry diagram, the circles all touch slightly. The Silent Mind state is necessary to allow most people to differentiate between mind chatter and brain communications. The state was formerly called 'Brains Communicate' in Volume 1, first edition.
  • Frequency: Estimated 12% relatively continuously, an additional 23% recognize it.

'Deep Peace' state
  • Characteristics: A more deeply peaceful feeling than the Beauty Way state. A feeling of being balanced, of evenness, of lack of irritation. The physical heart feels lower in the body, and the body feels more lightweight. Life is not effortless, but there is less effort than in average consciousness. The body does not feel hollow.
  • Cause: Brains' awarenesses are superimposed, but not completely fused.
  • Comments: This is an intermediate triune brain state that occurs just before the Hollow state.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Hollow' state
  • Characteristics: Body feels hollow (or like air) inside the skin. All parts of the body feel 'continuous'. Emotions have a cognitive rather than affective quality.
  • Cause: All brains are fused together.
  • Comments: When the state is partial, just some areas of the body feel hollow. This state does not depend on the degree of chakra merging.
  • Frequency: Estimated 7% relatively continuously, additional 12% recognize it.
  • Warning: Attempts to acquire full fusion of the brains can trigger a death and dismemberment trauma experience.

'Wholeness' state
  • Characteristics: The word 'wholeness' is used spontaneously by people who acquire this state. There is a feeling of being complete, with nothing missing. Music is especially vivid.
  • Cause: A fusion of the placental and sperm tail awarenesses with the other triune brains.
  • Comments: The sensation of wholeness exists independently of the state of fusion of the other brains.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined, but probably less than 6%.
  • Danger: This state is blocked by traumas that, when triggered, can cause some people to attempt suicide.

Triune Brain Shutdown (Dysfunctional) States
These dysfunctional states exist because the triune brains can be 'shut off', causing the person to lose that brain's abilities (judgement, emotional connection, etc.). Interestingly, shutdown states often feel better than average consciousness to some people, if they are able to tolerate the loss of capabilities involved. Note that brain shutdown states can be partial, with corresponding partial loss of capabilities. All possible combinations of brain shutdown states exist - we just list ones here that we've had personal experience with. Volume 1 of Peak States of Consciousness goes into an explanation of these dysfunctional triune brain states in depth.
            Contrary to our standard practice, we currently chose to call these dysfunctional states by their cause, rather than by their dominant characteristic. We did to avoid confusing shutdown states with simple, ordinary trauma symptoms that cause a similar effect.

'Mind Shutdown' state
  • Characteristics: Inability to form judgments or make choices. There is a peace and calmness with the state even with the frustration of not being able to weigh choices.
  • Cause: The mind brain is turned 'off'.
  • Comments: No common name that we know of.
  • Frequency: Unknown.

'Mind-heart Shutdown' state
  • Characteristics: No ability to feel emotions or form judgments or make choices. The body feels like it's made of air, without a boundary. However, the lower belly feels 'full' like after eating a large meal.
  • Cause: The mind and heart brains are turned 'off'.
  • Comments: May also be known as the 'Pearl Beyond Price' state from the Sufi tradition.
  • Frequency: Unknown.

'Samadhi' (Heart-body Shutdown) state
  • Characteristics: An overwhelming feeling of peace, timelessness, and almost no need for oxygen or breathing (with full shutdown).
  • Cause: The heart and body brains are turned 'off'.
  • Comments: This state is the goal of some spiritual traditions.
  • Frequency: The full state is extremely rare.

'Heart Shutdown' state
  • Characteristics: An inability to feel emotions. One feels that other people are just objects. It feels more peaceful than average consciousness, because there are no emotional conflicts.
  • Cause: The heart brain is shut 'off'.
  • Comments: Probably a major cause of sociopathic/psychopathic behavior. However, we have seen people with this state who act ethically and morally in spite of this handicap.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined. However, an estimate can be made based on the number of psychopathic individuals in the general population (approximately 1%).

Realm Peak States

There are several fundamental kinds of states of being involving awareness of, or change into, different types of consciousnesses outside our own. These are encountered at various developmental events before birth.

Peak States Involving the Human Species Consciousness
'Inner Harmony' state
  • Characteristics: The flesh of the body radiates a sensation of harmony. At a deeper level, one can see a golden web that is trying to perfect itself.
  • Cause: Not yet determined.
  • Comments: This is probably a connection to the human genome.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Optimum Relationship' state
  • Characteristics:
    • Best friends
    • Endlessly fascinating partner
    • Cuddle, touch, lots of physical contact
    • Likes smell
    • Sexual attraction stays
    • Ease, no drama almost all the time. Fight maybe once or twice a year.
    • Feel young
    • Trust partner
    • Provides a feeling of security, strength, teamwork, energy (Platform to stand on)
    • Enhanced productivity (encouragement from partner)
    • Unconditional acceptance, likes you for who you are
    • Always feel connected even when apart, presence is there
    • Optimistic, happy, the present and the future is a great place to be
    • Don't need alone time from the partner
  • Cause: Not yet determined. Appears to occur during conception.
  • Comments: This is a state that people are searching for but almost never find. It is one of the most important states for human happiness that we've encountered. We don't yet know if it is available for anyone, or requires a certain partner. The name will likely change when we find a name with a better fit to the state.
  • Frequency: Rare. We've seen 9 couples with this state after 8 years of looking for it in all couples we encountered.

'Self Neutralization' state
  • Characteristics: One's future is no longer fixed by past trauma. You experience yourself as a living flame, with a holy feeling in the whole body.
  • Cause: Early developmental events.
  • Comments: The flame is from the CoA material continuously burning inside the column of triune brain blocks. We believe this state is found in some Tibetan Buddhists. This gives the 'Listening to Silence' state. We may change the state name in the future if we identify a different distinctive common experiential attribute.
  • Frequency: Extremely rare.

Peak States Involving Gaia (the planetary consciousness)
'Gaia Communication' ability/state
  • Characteristics: An ability to communicate with Gaia, via one or more senses (body sensation, a feeling or vision, or hearing). At it's best, it is a clear transmission of information at every level (to each triune brain). Gaia can be 'heard' in what seems like words in a particular syntax called 'Gaia commands' (or equivalently, Gaia instructions, phrases or messages).
  • Cause: Full Gaia connection is a natural state. This connection is blocked by developmental trauma, resulting in an unwillingness to hear (or obey) Gaia.
  • Comments: A partial state gives rise to an intuitive knowing of what one is supposed to do. We believe Tom Brown Jr. calls this state 'Inner Vision' - we changed the name to because Gaia can be 'heard' as well as send images, so we call 'Inner Vision' a subset of this state.
  • Frequency: Very rare for the full state - the partial state of 'intuition' is common.

'World Inside Body' state
  • Characteristics: Objects in the environment feel like they are inside one's own body. The state is also characterized by greatly enhanced creativity.
  • Cause: Birth trauma is a common block.
  • Comments: We formerly called it the Unbounded Awareness state in volume 1 of Peak States of Consciousness (first edition).
  • Frequency: Very rare.

'Being Another Lifeform' ability/state
  • Characteristics: A people can experience himself as other beings, such as animals, plants or even rocks. One experiences senses and bodily processes as the animal does.
  • Cause: The state is gained at birth.
  • Comments: This state is called 'shapeshifting' in shamanic literature.
  • Frequency: Very rare.
  • Warning: This state must be acquired under competent supervision because of the risk of overwhelming suicidal feelings (or an emotionless desire to die) becoming activated and acted upon.

'Regenerative Healing' state
  • Characteristics: Gives one the ability to heal virtually any physical injury or degeneration in just minutes.
  • Cause: It is a natural ability. The blocks have not yet been determined.
  • Comments: This ability comes from a strong Gaia connection. We formerly called it 'radical physical healing'.
  • Frequency: Very rare. It is almost always momentary in the few people who can access it.

'God/Goddess' state
  • Characteristics: One (temporarily) experiences oneself as a non-human god or goddess.
  • Cause: Not yet determined.
  • Comments: The triune brains can chose to make this connection to the god/goddess state individually. When experienced with all the triune brains, you can experience yourself as the Creative Principle itself, or equivalently 'Brahma, creator of worlds'. We're still investigating if this should be a permanent state or not. The state was called the "Creative Principle' state in Peak States of Consciousness, volume 1.
  • Frequency: Extremely rare.
  • Warning: Potentially serious problems can result if only some of the brains make the transition. For example, extreme fanaticism, experiences of 'dark gods' such as Kali, etc.

'Gratitude' state
  • Characteristics: A sensation of gratitude at all times. This enhances ones Gaia connection and other peak states. It also increases the ability to manifest in positive ways.
  • Cause: Not yet determined.
  • Comments: This is the state that Aldana's 15-Minute Miracle process is designed to help people access. Useful for healing and for acquiring other states.
  • Frequency: Not determined, but found occasionally in many people. It is rarely found as a stable, full strength state.

Peak States Involving the Realm of the Sacred
'Sacred Body' state
  • Characteristics: Part or all of the body radiates a feeling of sacredness.
  • Cause: A partial connection to the Realm of the Sacred. It can be lost at coalescence or conception.
  • Comments: The Sacred Beings state usually includes this state, but the two can be separated.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined, possibly around 3%.

'Sacred Beings' state
  • Characteristics: The full state makes on feel like a huge, sacred totem pole is inside one's body. Each brain is the physical expression of huge, sacred beings that look like totem pole figures. The sacred beings co-exist in the Realm of the Sacred, an empty space filled with luminous blackness.
  • Cause: The state is blocked by early precellular events. It occurs when the triune brains let go of their 'pretend' identities.
  • Comments: The state could also be described with the words 'sacred totem self'. It is possible that the state is called the Akashic Records in the yogic tradition. The locations of the Sacred Beings in the Realm of the Sacred correspond to the locations of the triune brain awarenesses.
  • Frequency: Very rare.
  • Warning: This radical state will initially cause disorientation and difficulty in walking. People who unknowingly acquire the state usually think they've become psychotic.

Sacred Beings and Creator Light synergistic state
  • Characteristic: The body feels sacred, one can see oneself looking as if composed of totem pole images, and space inside is a bright fluorescent black.
  • Cause: Same as individual states.
  • Comments: The blackness is a partial view into the Realm of the Sacred. This synergistic combination of states changes the internal clear white light of the Creator Light state into a bright black fluorescence.
  • Frequency: Extremely rare.

Peak States Involving the Void
'Void Connection' state
  • Characteristics: A sense that the ultimate emptiness of the Void, which is past all physical existence, is within oneself, accompanied by a feeling of finally knowing who you are.
  • Comments: The void may be called the Infinite or the Tao in other traditions, but the word 'void' fits experientially. The Void contributes to a person's conscious awareness in a way that is similar to that of the Creator.
  • Frequency: Very rare.

Peak States Involving the Creator
'Expanded Center of Awareness' state
  • Characteristics: The center of awareness (CoA), that is the location where one feels they are located inside their body, expands to fill the body and the space around it. There is a sensation of becoming very large and tall.
  • Cause: The shape and location of the 'center of awareness' (CoA) is determined by very early precellular trauma.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.
  • Caution: When acquired suddenly, this state is disorienting because one becomes the environment around oneself, including the roads and cars outside. Walking is difficult for a time, until one gets used to the state.

'Being on Track' state
  • Characteristics: The state has a strong feeling of euphoria (not manic). The feeling one gets when at one's best, and the sense that nothing can go wrong. A sense of knowing who you are and if activities match and fit who you are.
  • Cause: The feeling occurs when the person is on their optimum life's path. This state may have some Gaia involvement also.
  • Comments: As far as we know, this is not a state in the normal sense - our current process requires us to continually heal relevant trauma to stay on the optimal course through life. However, it is likely that there is a way to make staying on the optimum path automatic, and thus it would meet our definition of a state.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Joy' state
  • Characteristics: A continuous feeling of joy.
  • Cause: Blocked by trauma in the center of awareness (CoA) development
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

Other Peak States

Peak States Involving the Primary Cell
'Spaciousness' state

  • Characteristics: A pronounced feeling of space and openness through and around oneself, regardless of emotional or physical crowding, along with a lack of emotional reactivity.
  • Cause: This state is probably acquired at a Creator developmental event.
  • Comments: This state is a necessary prerequisite for the Primary Cell state.
  • Frequency: The state can be temporarily accessed at will by about 20% to 30% of the general population. The state is table in a smaller but undetermined percentage.

'Primary Cell' state
  • Characteristics: Ability to 'see' and move around and vary perspective inside the primary cell.
  • Cause: Not yet determined.
  • Comments: It is necessary to have the Spaciousness state before one can get the Primary Cell state.
  • Frequency: About 20% of the general population is able to access the state, although some of these people cannot 'see' into the cell. Having a stable and continuous state is much more uncommon.
  • Danger: It is possible to harm or kill oneself by trying to change things in the primary cell.

'Being the Body' state
  • Characteristics: The conscious and the subconscious merge into one fused awareness
  • Cause: Perfect linkage between the nucleolus and the organelles in the primary cell.
  • Comments: This state is sometimes described as being the female or male archetype. This state can be identified in the primary cell, as many genes from inside the nucleus extend out into the cytoplasm through the nuclear pores.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Essence of Self' state
  • Characteristics: The person feels more solid, centered, and doesn't 'fall apart' when under stress.
  • Cause: Total fusion of the chromosomes in the nucleolus.
  • Comments: This state is the absence of the parental directing selves and of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). We may rename this state in the future if we can identify a more distinct common experiential attribute.
  • Frequency: Roughly 70% have MPD to some degree. Virtually everyone has some degree of separate father and mother directing selves.

Miscellaneous states

'Minimal Sleep' state

  • Characteristics: The person normally sleeps only 3 hours or so and is completely rested.
  • Cause: Chakras and meridians are optimally connected.
  • Frequency: Not determined yet.
  • Warning: There is a risk of becoming unable to remain awake, or so energized as to become unable to stop moving, if these developmental events are not healed correctly.

'Flow Awareness' state
  • Characteristics: A feeling of having energy flow from the back to the front of the body, as if coming from moving air from behind.
  • Cause: Fusion of all chakras into a disk near the solar plexus. Note that the chakras are actually a fungal disease located on the surface of the nuclear membrane.
  • Comments: People in average consciousness experience this state slightly differently than people who are in the Hollow state do.
  • Frequency: Not determined.

'The Beauty Way' (also called Walking in Beauty) synergistic state
  • Characteristics:
    •  Calm, peacefulness, and physical sense of lightness.
    •   Past seems not traumatic - memories are without emotions.
    •   Feel totally alive, and everything around you feels alive too.
    •   Everything has a sort of beauty, even garbage.
    •   Spiritual truths are obvious.
    •   No dreaming other than replays of the day's events.
    •   No underlying sense of fear.
    •   Live entirely in the present.
    •   No tension - like on summer vacation as a kid.
    •   Bird sounds are more vivid.
    •   Don't take on other people's emotional distress.
    •   Don't obey 'experts' automatically by giving up your own knowing.
    •   Can do many shamanic sorts of things with training.
    •   Silent mind, i.e. no voices or background murmur.
  • Cause: An unconscious decision to always choose unconditional good, which makes perceptions continuously positive. Biologically due to fusion of male and female 'center of awarenesses' at conception.
  • Comments: An important state for shamanism, and physical and mental health. A better descriptor for the state might be the word 'Aliveness' as used by Harville Hendrix, but we're choosing the better known label of the Beauty Way for now. The state is well described in Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.
  • Frequency: Estimated that both this state and the Inner Peace state occur in 8% of the general population relatively continuously, with an additional 14% who can recognize it.
  • YouTube video with more information: "Being human is a spectrum disorder (2023)"

'Being Truth' state
  • Characteristics: The flesh of the body radiates a sensation of truth.
  • Cause: Acquired just after birth and the first breath.
  • Comments: This sensation is important for full entry into the Void Connection state. It is also useful in interpersonal interactions. The spiritual teacher John de Ruiter emphasizes this state. This is probably a state, but it may actually be a peak experience that can have extended duration.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.
  • Danger: The birth event for acquiring this state can trigger extreme feelings of suicide and cause suicidal actions in some people.

'Ecstatic' state
  • Characteristics: Feels like a continuous endorphin rush.
  • Comments: This appears to be what the Sufi teacher Rumi was referring to.
  • Frequency: Estimated 1.5% relatively continuously, 3% enough to notice it.

'I Exist' state
  • Characteristics: You feel like you exist - in contrast to normal consciousness where it is more like watching TV.
  • Cause: This state is acquired during a developmental event in ovulation/spermatogenesis and is usually immediately lost due to pathogen damage.
  • Comments: This state dramatically and fundamentally changes one's experience of oneself.
  • Frequency: Very infrequent.

'Immunity' state
  • Characteristics: The person is immune to all bacteria and viral infections.
  • Cause: Unknown at this time.
  • Comments: We've found people in this state continuously.
  • Frequency: Vert rare. Some people have it off and on.

'Inner Gold' state
  • Characteristics: The interior of the body turns a deep bright golden color to inner vision. If the brains fuse, the resulting ball has a golden color.
  • Cause: Unknown at this time.
  • Comments: We're not sure what this is for, but the alchemists clearly thought it was important. People doing extensive inner development achieve this eventually.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'No Pain' state
  • Characteristics: When a person is injured, there is just a momentary flash of pain, which then vanishes. The body automatically adjusts musculature and other systems to protect the damaged area. The person is not numb or unable to feel inviting injury - instead, their system is optimized and simply deletes unneeded pain messages.
  • Cause: Undetermined at this time. We suspect it has to do with a lack of fungus infections, either a specific species or in general.
  • Comments: There are many causes for pain, but this state appears to eliminate the underlying cause of pain itself, regardless of cause.
  • Frequency: Extremely rare, but some people can experience this effect on a per injury basis using meridian tapping techniques.

'Wolf Awareness' state
  • Characteristics: Greatly enhanced awareness of all senses.
  • Cause: Not yet determined. It is blocked by trauma.
  • Comments: This is a traditional shamanic state/ability practiced by Native North American people.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined, but relatively common with training.

Subcellular Pathogen Infection States

Dysfunctional States Due to a Subcellular Pathogen Infection
There are a number of states of consciousness that arise, either due to the presence or absence of subcellular pathogens in the person's primary cell. Some states or experiences are due to the person identifying with a subcellular pathogen organism. (This can be demonstrated by using a psycho-immunology process on the particular pathogen, or by healing trauma that causes the dysfunctional identification.)

'Creator Awareness' state
  • Characteristics: One can 'speak' to the Creator directly and move awareness to that level of being at will. The state is characterized by a sensation of standing in a plane of white light with feelings of bliss.
  • Cause: An identification with a common subcellular fungal pathogen.
  • Comments: Warning: Over-identification with the Creator can occur, leaving the person with the feeling that everything is as it should be, so they don't feel any need to try and help suffering people. This serious problem needs to be directly addressed or it persists.
  • Frequency: Very rare.

'Past Life Access' state
  • Characteristics: With the full state, all past and future lifetimes fuse into one, simultaneous single awareness.
  • Cause: Merging awareness with a subcellular fungal pathogen that lives on the inner side of the primary cell membrane.
  • Comments: Accessing past life traumas involves the use of a different mechanism that is probably unrelated to this state.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

States Due to the Absence of a Subcellular Pathogen Infection

Although we've labelled the following conditions as 'peak states', this is a misnomer. In reality, these 'states' are what happens when you get rid of a particular subcellular pathogen type (or at least quit identifying with it).

'Brain Light' state

  • Characteristics: In the full state, one finds it impossible to feel negatively aggressive towards others. A diffuse, 'soft' clear light that looks like sunshine is present in the body in the locations of the triune brains awarenesses. One also 'sees' an inner radiance that is centered in other people's lower belly, and automatically interacts and communicates with it.
  • Cause: This is the light individual triune brains have when they have chosen good over evil. Creator separation trauma blocks this state.
  • Comments: For most people the brightness of the triune brain awarenesses varies from moment to moment due to subconscious choices between good or evil, but each brain's nominal value is set at birth. With the full state the brains remain at full brightness and choices for evil become impossible. This state is required for certified ISPS therapists.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'No-Skin' state
  • Characteristics: No sensation of having a skin boundary. Events in general don't cause one to lose perspective, and events no longer feel personal, at least at first. It is generally found with the Hollow state, so that the entire body feels like it's just made of air where the boundary has vanished.
  • Cause: This state is the result of removing a dysfunctional primary cell layer. It is leftover from the nurse cells at ovulation. This layer is a sensate substitute of the mother.
  • Comments: The skin boundary layer can become very permeable in part or completely, which can feel like it has been removed when it really has not been. The skin boundary gives a slight burning sensation that becomes noticeable when a person is in the Hollow state. Eliminating the layer removes the sensation that events are 'personal'.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Silent Mind' state
  • Characteristics: All involuntary mind chatter ceases. (Involuntary mind chatter is often particularly noticeable during meditation). It is still possible to subvocalize.
  • Cause: Eliminating a certain subcellular fungal infection gives this state.
  • Comments: This isn't actually a peak state, but rather an absence of a trauma related problem - but it feels like a state to the person who has it. Most people can suppress their awareness of the chatter to some degree, like ignoring other conversations in a bar. Real peak states like the Beauty Way or Inner Peace temporarily shut off the involuntary mind chatter - but if one leaves those states, the mind chatter returns. In our trainings, this Silent Mind is a prerequisite for other states such as 'Hearing the Brains' and remote healing techniques such aWHH.
  • Frequency: Extremely rare. Everyone we've checked has had the underlying problem.

Peak Abilities

'Seeing Brain Awarenesses' ability

  • Characteristics: One can 'see' the non-physical triune brain awarenesses as fuzzy balls of light in a black space.
  • Use: One can use this ability to diagnose triune brain shutdown states, diagnose the 'flattened emotions' problem, measure the degree of the brain light state (good/evil choice) in oneself or a client, identify triune brain fusion states, and draw Perry diagrams.
  • Cause: Acquired at birth.
  • Frequency: Rare.
  • Warning: This ability must be acquired under competent supervision because of the risk of overwhelming suicidal feelings and actions becoming activated.

'Seeing the Life Path' ability
  • Characteristics: This gives one the ability to see one's future as a series of branching paths in a florescent black space.
  • Cause: Gained at conception.
  • Use: By finding obstructing trauma using the ability and healing them, one can stay in a state of euphoria and ease called Being on Track.
  • Comments: The optimal path is the brightest. Once on it, the person has a sense of euphoria. The Self Neutralization state makes this state unnecessary because it stops the future from being fixed by trauma and so eliminates all life paths.
  • Frequency: Very rare in its full form.
  • Warning: It is possible to trigger a spiritual emergency when attempting to acquire this ability.

'Seeing Columns of Self' ability
  • Description: One can 'see' three golden columns in a person that represent the health of the directing self in a person.
  • Use: The number of columns, their height and solidity indicate problems in the client's 'directing' self, and the presence and degree of multiple personality disorder (MPD).
  • Cause: Not yet determined.
  • Frequency: Rare.

'Seeing the Golden Web' ability
  • Characteristics: The ability to see the human species genome.
  • Use: We suspect it might be useful for repairing DNA.
  • Cause: This ability is part of the Inner Harmony state.
  • Frequency: Not yet determined.

'Inner Vision' ability
  • Characteristics: The ability to 'see' events (or the inside of a body) and to know information about what is seen without being taught. There is no out-of-body experience, but it is rather like watching a TV screen.
  • Use: Extensive shamanic healing and survival uses.
  • Cause: Not determined. It is the result of Gaia communications.
  • Comments: This name is from Tom Brown Jr.'s work. We currently believe this ability is a partial experience of the 'Gaia Communication' state. This ability is also sometimes called 'Remote Viewing'.
  • Frequency: Rare, but many people can use fairly simple shamanic techniques to temporarily use this ability.

'Out of Body' (OBE) ability
  • Characteristics: The ability to move one's center of awareness out-of-body, and yet still see and feel as if one were physically present in the new location.
  • Use: It can be used to diagnose some physical problems.
  • Cause: Not yet determined.
  • Comments: The religious group Eckankar focuses on acquiring this ability. We previously labeled this ability as the Cellular Awareness state in the first edition of volume 1 of Peak States of Consciousness. This ability is sometimes confused with Inner Vision, which does not involve moving the CoA.
  • Frequency: Uncommon. 'Psychic' practices exist that can trigger it in some people.

'Hearing Event Music' ability
  • Characteristics: One can 'hear' unique and repeatable at each developmental event.
  • Use: This music can be transcribed into real sound, and used as an aid for regression to particular developmental events.
  • Cause: The ability is acquired at conception.
  • Frequency: Rare.

'Being Another Lifeform' ability/state
  • Characteristics: A people can experience himself as other beings, such as animals, plants or even rocks. One experiences senses and bodily processes as the animal does.
  • Cause: The state is gained at birth.
  • Comments: This state is called 'shapeshifting' in shamanic literature.
  • Frequency: Very rare.
  • Warning: This state must be acquired under competent supervision because of the risk of overwhelming suicidal feelings (or an emotionless desire to die) becoming activated and acted upon.

'Wide Angle Vision' ability
  • Characteristics: The ability to see clearly in the peripheral areas of vision. At its maximum, the ability to see behind the head with full three-dimensional perception.
  • Use: This ability is associated with facilitating the acquisition of spiritual and shamanic states.
  • Cause: It is associated with the Being Present state. It is an intrinsic ability of the throat triune brains (placenta, tail).
  • Comments: Both Rinzai Zen Buddhist and Tom Brown Jr.'s shamanic training emphasize the importance of this ability/state.
  • Frequency: Unknown, but relatively common (to some degree) with training.

In conclusion:
A variety of changes can be experienced from our work - either by healing the traumas that block intrinsic abilities; or using psycho-immunology techniques to eliminate subcellular pathogen actions that block states. The states include: needing little sleep, seeing surroundings in vivid three dimensions, each moment of time feels infinitely long, the body feels like it’s floating, everything is effortless, music sounds rapturous, merging with all past lives simultaneously, and a host of other changes. For more on this and our methods of testing for the states, please refer to Peak States of Consciousness volumes 1 and 2.

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