Birch Creek Art and Ecology Center at Trillium Farm in Southern Oregon

Contact: 541-899-1696 or email Trillium

The Institute for the Study of Peak States ocassionally teaches courses at the extremely beautiful Trillium retreat farm, with swimming creeks and ponds, and wonderful food! For more specifics on the facilities and other workshops available through the Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs that is hosting our trainings, go to

The welcoming gate at Trillium farm....

How to get there: Please contact Trillium Farm for exact directions. Their phone is 541-899-1696, or email them at workshops are held in a wilderness area in southern Oregon, about 45 minutes from Ashland and about the same time from Grant's Pass. It's also about 45 minutes from Medford, which has the closest airport.

What to bring: The chance of rain is remote, and during the day it will probably be quite hot. However, it can cool quite a bit in the evenings. You are in a natural, wooded area, so bring appropriate walking gear. Swimming is clothing optional, but there are many pools for private bathing. The closest groceries are a 30 minute or longer drive on a gravel road, so if you have some favorite foods, be sure to bring them (snacks, etc). Also, the nearest gas station is 22 miles away, so be sure to gas up!

Accommodations: Trillium farm sits in the crossing of two creek canyons, with pools and wild creeks to swim in - which in August, will be part of our afternoon schedule due to the heat! Excellent food is prepared for us, as well as places to sleep. Food is included in the price of the workshop, as are accommodations.

Trillium Dome
The dome for meditations or classes. We'll probably use the schoolhouse instead...

Trillium's lecture field
The swimming pond is to the right, and the creeks are straight ahead...