Website at a Glance - Summary of Key Webpages

Find an Institute trained peak state therapist or Whole-Hearted Healing™ practitioner
Here is a referral list of therapists and healers who are trained in our peak state processes and/or use Whole-Hearted Healing™ in their practice, arranged geographically. (This service is free to clients and practitioners.)

Upcoming training, workshops and conferences
This page gives the dates for public talks and training courses for professionals interested in peak states or our clinical projects worldwide.

All about the Institute, who and where we are, and how to reach us
The goals of the Institute are to develop and spread methods to bring anyone into peak states of consciousness, and to develop methods and train healers to cure a variety of physical and emotional conditions that conventional processes cannot help. We encourage you to consider joining us in this exciting adventure of discovery, teaching, and clinical projects. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to get more information or explore joining the Institute.

School - Institute Course Descriptions
The foundation class for Institute training is the Whole-Hearted Healing™ technique. Basic PeakStates™ training teaches how to acquire targeted states or turn peak experiences into peak states. Qualified students can become certified by the Institute at this basic level, a requirement for therapists working with our licensed clinical project techniques. The next level of training is in the much faster and more powerful 'state dependent' healing techniques Primary Cell Repair™ and Advanced Whole-Hearted Healing™.
           Because this field is changing so rapidly, we have telephone support classes for students who have already taken our Basic Peak States Therapist training. These short tele-classes are designed for colleagues who want to keep up to date on new or improved peak states processes, or hear lectures useful for certification.
           We suggest people who are interested in teaching peak states work or in working on ISPS clinical projects consider shamanic training with
Tom Brown Jr. or Wes Gietz. They have regularly scheduled classes all year.

Updates for our Graduates
Our work with peak states and healing is constantly expanding and improving. This page gives our course graduates an easy way to find the latest changes and improvements.

Research - Current clinical projects
Our work in peak states has resulted in totally new approaches to healing a variety of physical and emotional conditions. Our current projects include schizophrenia, autism, addictions, genetic disorders such as hemophilia, neuromuscular disease, cancers and our highest priority project, that of rapid regenerative healing of major, incurable physical problems such as damaged spines. Our thanks to the many volunteers working in their spare time who have taken the training in order to work on these projects.
            Another important objective of our projects is to lead a social change of having healers charge only for successful work, not time spent.
Books, videos, and tapes
Our bookstore contains the publications of the Institute for the Study of Peak States Press, and links to other books in the field of peak states that the Institute recommends. We also have a DVD and audio tapes.

Ethical and Professional Guidelines
We certify students in our peak state methods, and as part of that certification process they agree to follow ethical and professional guidelines, listed on this website. A key professional guideline is 'charging for success' on pre-agreed upon criteria, rather than for time.

The Whole-Hearted Healing™ Therapy resource page - free tutorials, FAQ's, and technique updates
One of the first major byproducts of our work in peak states has been the powerful psychological healing process called Whole-Hearted Healing™. It was originally developed to allow us to investigate the phenomenon of peak states, but has become an important tool to therapists (and lay people) who are searching for more powerful and swift therapeutic methods. A free tutorial on the basic Whole-Hearted Healing™ process is provided on this website as a public service. We encourage you to try it out on yourself to verify it's validity.
            Click on the link above to get a menu of material about the therapy, included common questions, updates to the technique, practitioner feedback, testimonials, and a description of advanced Whole-Hearted Healing.

Institute Techniques
The Institute has developed a variety of techniques that exploits our new model of the psyche for healing, peak states, or exploration. The best known of these is the Whole-Hearted Healing™ technique for healing.

Understanding and acquiring peak states of consciousness
The core of our work is investigating peak states of consciousness, how they improve people's lives, and how they apply in the healing of psychological and physical ailments. Based on the early discoveries of Dr. Abraham Maslow in the 1960's, we've found that people have the ability to live and work in states of being that are distinct quantum steps above ordinary life - states of enhanced functioning and ability, where people experience the world as an incredible place to live - the very thing that so many of us unconsciously search for in our lives. These states and an understanding of how they occur completely revise current assumptions of psychology, and tie together seemingly unrelated data found in biology, healing, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and spirituality.
            For an introduction to the topic, papers on the specifics, a model of what causes them, and techniques to make them relatively permanent, click on the link above.

Institute Articles
This is a collection of articles about healing and peak states of consciousness written by Institute staff.

Archived Support Newsletters
Informational newsletters for Institute graduates are archived here. (Also included is the most recent ISPS general public newsletter.) These newsletters are written to give support to practitioners - thus, case studies, unusual applications or problems and other material that isn't yet in our textbooks is found here. The search engine in the navigation bar to the left will search this database.

Safety Bulletins
This is a resource for graduates from our professional training, and for others working in the field of peak states and trauma healing. There are safety risks or unexpected problems that arise when exploring the psyche or doing peak states work - this page keeps our graduates up-to-date with new developments.

Links and references to peak state techniques worldwide
Finding peak state processes from other investigators or technique developers can be very difficult in this very new field. This page gives all of the techniques that we've found that we've determined are effective to some extent. Links to effective healing techniques and unusual phenomenon that can arise during healing are also found here.

Glossary & search engines
This page gives short definitions for words that are commonly used in this field, or ones that the Institute has coined. We've also included a Google search engine for just this website - it gives an alternative to the PicoSearch engine on the navigation bar.